After one has flown, he will forever walk this earth gazing skyward, for he has been there and will always long to return…

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Interior of the Bartow airport terminal. Photo: John Stemple

Interior of the Bartow airport terminal.
Photo: John Stemple

Bartow FL. Airport Terminal a work of Art.


The waterfront Scene from Water Street Grill in Oriental, N.C. prior to opening. The aroma of coffee and bacon in the air, as the sun warms the coastal chill…


 Fox MothFox Moth

Hawker Fury

Hawker Fury

 Books words pages knoledge imaginationWords, books, pages of Knowledge, thought and imagination, creates and builds, which equals invention innovation and progress… (JR Hafer, 2009)  A Beech LogoCouple browsing in a bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin Germany. Image shot 08/2009. Exact date unknown.

 “Flying in an airplane is safer than driving a car!”

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Internationally renowned Artist Steven Greenwald, of Steven Greenwald Designs, Ft Lauderdale Florida, makes his famous “Frank Martin” IAF Paintings available to the Hillel Museum at University of Florida. Along with a donation from the organization “Jews in Aviation”  both paintings commemorating the establishment of the Israeli Air force will remain where they have been on display for over a year. In the above photo (by JR Hafer), Keith Rowe, John Stemple, Rabbi Swedroe, Dr Ralph Lowenstein (Under the IAF the paintings), will remain for all visitors to appreciate.

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             Flying the Feathered Edge poster         Fabled Fifteen book coverFlight of No Return

Nancy Aldrich Bkko Cover


The Famous Creek

A very famous creek that most people have been up!


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