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November 2014

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James C. Ray joined the ceremony Nov. 21 to honor CFAA cadets.

James Ray CFAA 11_21_2014

Photojournalist, John Stemple: Screening of Nancy Spielberg’s New Film ‘Above and Beyond’
Nancy Spielberg after the screening of Above and Beyond. Photo: John Stemple

Nancy Spielberg
Photo: John Stemple

Film Review: Nancy Spielberg’s ‘Above and Beyond’ Soars (Nov 2014)

British Columbia Aviation Museum: Legends of Flight On Display (21 Nov 2014)

In Theater: In Support of D-Day (19 Nov 2014)

F-16s Barred From Engaging Any Jet Newer Than 1970s-Vintage MiG-23 (17 Nov 2014)

New Book Highlights Alaska’s Bush Pilots (17 Nov 2014)

Discovered: WWII Wrecked Planes (17 Nov 2014) [Video]

The Naval Aviation Museum is Worth a Trip to Pensacola, Florida (18 Nov 2014)

King Willem Alexander to Open National Military Museum in Netherlands (17 Nov 2014)

Yankee Air Museum Purchases Former Willow Run Bomber Plant (17 Nov 2014)

Memphis Belle vs. Hot Stuff (16 Nov 2014)

Aviation in Everett: 102 Years of Progress (16 Nov 2014)

‘Vulcan to the Sky’ Announces XH558′s ‘Winter Raffle’ Prizes (14 Nov 2014)

Canadian Aviation Museum Seeks Backing for WWII RCAF Documentary (12 Nov 2014)

Spirit of Tulsa Squadron Keeps Fairchild PT-19 in Flying Form (10 Nov 2014)

Palm Springs Air Museum’s F-104 Starfighter Unveiling (8 Nov 2014)

Steve Hinton awarded Lifetime Achievement Award (6 Nov 2014)

‘Misty’ Pilots Help Dedicate Museum’s Newly Restored F-100F Super Sabre (6 Nov 2014)

Ace Pilots Get Due (4 Nov 2014)

Commercial Aviation: 100 Years Aloft (2 Nov 2014)

RAF Cadet Memorial Service (1 Nov 2014)

Halifax Rescue 57 (Canada) Receiving Hercules Engines From UK (Oct 2014)

Last of the [Lockheed] Vegas (Oct 2014)

New Exhibit: Hawaii by Air (Oct 2014)

Northrop Nomad (A-17A) Recovered in Canada (30 Oct 2014)

Handley Page Halifax Discovered in Norwegian Fjord (25 Oct 2014)

Produced by Nancy Spielberg

Produced by Nancy Spielberg


Code Name Verity

By Elizabeth Wein

Book Review by Captain Nancy Aldrich

Code Name cover

 (Click on book cover image to read Nancy’s Book Review.)

Mike Paull Covers BooksFlight of No Return

9164-sun-n-fun-rotator-feature-graphic-for-vcf Plan to attend the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-in, Airshow April 21-26 2015


Central Florida Aerospace Academy unique Campus…



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Fabled Fifteen book cover

The Pacific War Saga of Carrier Air Group 15

by, Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

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