After one has flown, he will forever walk this earth gazing skyward, for he has been there and will always long to return…


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Memorial Day Weekend (USA)


Remembering those who served and the Americans who perished during service.

Fox News: B-17F ‘Memphis Belle’ gunner revisits England, dies

Fox News: Remains of 13 more World War 2 Marines found on Tarawa

A Hughes 300 at KGIF on 25 May 2016. Photo: John Stemple

A Hughes 300 at KGIF on 25 May 2016.
Photo: John Stemple

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Former USAF Pilots Fly the F-100 Once Again

CAF North American PBJ Mitchell Flies Again After 23 Years

CAF Bell P-63F Kingcobra Returns to Skies


The Eagle and American Flag are the proud symbols of Freedom


Internet Radio & TV Station announced at Winter Haven Airport.

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Above: Lon Cooper. U.S. Army Air Force Civilian Pilot Instructor

Bell AH-1 Cobras, two brothers and two militaries

Mark and John after their flights. Photo: 20th Century Aviation Magazine

Mark and John after their flights.
Photo: 20th Century Aviation Magazine

April 2016 | Lakeland, Florida. Concurrent with the onset of British psychedelia and psychedelic rock, U.S. Army aviation was introducing new methodologies and technologies to aerial warfare. Rotary-wing weapons platforms were ascending in importance and therefore the conflict in Vietnam is often referred to as “the helicopter war.” One of the two helicopters that most affected warfare in Asia was the “HueyCobra” (aka “Cobra” or “Snake”). Almost exactly 50 years later, and in conjunction with two noteworthy milestones in Cobra history, two brothers met and made a trek to Lakeland, Florida. At an airfield a sleek, lethal-looking reptilian (“Snake”) with two long, wide, rotor blades awaited their arrival. The men’s goals were to fly with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) in a Bell AH-1 Cobra.

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20th Century Aviation Magazine “Traveling Mic” interviews



160521_001 interview w/ Eric and Jeff May 21, click hereIMG_0155

Hickory Aviation Museum (HAM) Hickory, NC

For over 15 years the mission of the Hickory Aviation Museum has been to preserve for future generations the tangible firsthand experience of the history of military aviation.

20th Century Aviation Magazine “Traveling Mic” interviews

INTERVIEW with Kyle Kirby: Touching side of the Warbird story…

The Story click here to listen


RACF Flag emotive

Halifax LW170 profile h2sAn Appeal to Americans and Brits:

The RCAF Handley Page Halifax Bomber. (Many RCAF-Americans served in RCAF Halifax squadrons.) Halifax 57 Rescue is an aircraft recovery group. We are planning to recover the Halifax, HR871, from the Baltic Sea, with our friends “Havsresan” of Sweden, to be restored and displayed at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta. Please, we need you as Americans to support the recovery too. 

On 8th August 1943 HR 871 landed in the Baltic Sea just off the southern Swedish coast. All 7 crewmen bailed out.  The Halifax has rested unknown and unseen for almost 73 years, only recently discovered in only 15 metres (50 feet) of water. Halifax 57 Rescue and Havsresan are pleased to announce after months of negotiations we have official Swedish government permission to salvage this RCAF Halifax bomber.

We are appealing to all Canadians, Americans and all aviation history aficionados to support the recovery of HR871 this summer and bring her back to Canada. Thanks to our colleagues and allies at “Havresan – Sea Journey” of Lund University of Sweden we can save Halifax HR871, literally from ‘the sands of time’. Support the Recovery of a RCAF Halifax Bomber! Click here to donate.

The HR871 served with the 405th Squadron and during the 4 years this bomber squadron was based in England. A total of 776 airmen were lost in combat in 405 Squadron with (23) RCAF Americans from 20 different states killed-in-action and (224) RCAF lads killed flying in 405 Squadrons Wellingtons, Halifaxes and Lancasters. I have met with the family of RCAF gunner Tom Withers, Jr. an AMERICAN who was from Roseland, Virginia and he sent letters to home of his combat tour with 405 Squadron and this is what he wrote: “… to say goodbye to you was not an easy thing for me to do. However, I believe you both will understand that I could not well do anything else since everything that I, as well as both of you, believe in is now in a very precarious position. My training, inclinations, and whatever abilities I may have, seem best suited for the choice that I have made.  And there is no question of serving Canada to the neglect of my mother country. He who serves Great Brittan or any of its dominions also serves the U.S. and visa versa”… Love Tom July 27, 1942 Tom’s Halifax was shot down and crew lost over Germany… a member of the 405th.

Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) logo.

 20th Century Aviation Magazine (USA) & Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) working together…


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 RCAF Floridians plaque at RCL post 144 - photo by Ian Darling 11 January 2016Propellerhead AviationGIF LOGO

20th Century Aviation Magazine “Traveling Mic” interviews


Rob Trayhnam Interview CLICK HERE




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