After one has flown, he will forever walk this earth gazing skyward, for he has been there and will always long to return…

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Neil Cosentino speaks to officials regarding Global Airports

Mr. Neil Cosentino. Photo: 20th Century Aviation Magazine

Mr. Neil Cosentino.
Photo: 20th Century Aviation Magazine

Florida Global Airport Initiative

  ADS-B System will be mandatory by 2020 in some aircraft…. Read more about this system

PA 24 250 Landing

 Above a Piper low wing, Below high wing Cessna, Two types of flying, very different, but both fun to learn.   Cessna 150B400505_305164349529808_1207181164_n


We all need to learn as much as we can about the  ADS-B and the ADS-B VFR Now, so watch for the articles in our magazine that will give you the basic acquainted knowledge you need for now.  

Cessna C152


One of the best pictures we could find showing a cantilever wing example is this beautiful Comanche 250 which was pictured in the International Comanche Society’s gallery of N8378P (uploaded by David Lawrence  ICS member, Thank you David for the use of this fine photograph ).  A cantilever wing is a wing with no external bracing at all. In fact all the strength is within the structure itself. The spars are built in such a way that they carry all the bending and torsional loads within the cantilever beam.


Avemco Ins.Joke 15


Cub on Floats landing

World Famous Jack Brown Sea Plane Base is at the West end of KGIF


Cessna 172 great paint

Bruce Covers LOGO



A Gooney Gooney DC - 3

 Northern Jet Management


Ron Steicher in YellowbirdFor Sale: 2006 Mooney 310 HP

2006 Mooney 310 HP 2

Prophead AD



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Karlene Pettit Flight to Siuccess

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