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Budi Flying Dog

Click the link below to hear Carl Valeri’s interview with distinguished film producer Nancy Spielberg. The duo discuss her new documentary film (Above & Beyond), which is about American volunteers who served with the fledgling Israel Air Force in 1948 during Israel’s War of Independence. After clicking on the link below click on the “Pod” symbol to start the audio.

Carl Valeri.

Carl Valeri.

Nancy Spielberg.

Nancy Spielberg.

Link to audio interview:

(Interview courtesy of SUN ‘n FUN Radio and

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LET Morava 200 D


The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 (Medical reform legislation) Has been introduced in both houses of congress. The new bill proposes that noncommercial recreational pilots would not be required to have a third class medical certificate and could fly aircraft under 6000 lbs. and not high performance rated aircraft. This would allow thousands of life-long pilots with perfect flying records to return to the skies and do what they love to do; Fly!

Thanks to the hard dedicated work of AOPA President, Mike Baker, Experimental Aircraft Association, Flying Physicians Association, General Aviation Manufacture’s association, and many other associations and organizations.

Watch for more news on the matter:

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Chalet Suzanne Acution Block

Chalet Suzanne is no longer. . .

They came from everywhere, up North, from the west coast, they came from other countries too. They spoke other languages as well, but what they all had in common was their memories and love for the historical Chalet Suzanne. The internationally famous restaurant and inn, once well known as the playground for the rich and famous back in the day, was on the auctioneer’s block. 

One could hear the Auctioneer shout over the loud speaker system “Everything’s gotta go folks!”

Then the Auction “barking” started over the individuals shouting bids from the crowded tent floor. 

There was excitement in the air, it was electric. Many had come to the auction to get a good deal. Some had tears in their eyes, they had come for memories and hoped to find something to bid on for memories sake. It was a sad day perhaps for them.

I heard the owner Eric Hinshaw say it was much like a death in the family. Many of us felt like we were attending a wake.

Chalet Suzanne restaurant and inn; the buildings and the 130 acres they sit on were sold Friday. Today, (Saturday), the other items like the antiques, memorabilia, all the way down to the plates and silverware table linen and even the tables were put up for bid. 

The Hinshaw family has owned and operated Chalet Suzanne for over eighty years, times have gotten hard and Eric and Dee Hinshaw have done a lot to subsidies the business to keep it open, mostly because they felt responsible for the employees that counted on them. 

Investors bought the land in various parcels Friday. Some bought little mementos from paintings to furnishings. In most cases airplanes were bought for less than their worth. The cannery will no more make the delicious Moon Soup. “Memories of yesteryear, what used to be, what was thought would always be here, but now gone. It’s just progression,” said one lady. “It is a sign of getting older and watching change,” she sighed as tears filled her eyes.

“Our Chalet Suzanne is no longer, that’s so sad!”


Words, books, pages of Knowledge, thought and imagination, creates and builds, which equals invention innovation and progress… (JR Hafer, 2009)  Couple browsing in a bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin Germany. Image shot 08/2009. Exact date unknown.

 “Flying is safer than riding in a car!”


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The Famous CreekA very famous creek that most people have been up!


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