Aviation Pioneers Forgotten?

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To Promote and Preserve 20th Century Aviation History

There are so many Pioneers of aviation or folks who really made a difference in “the field of flying” of whom, their memories have fallen through the floorboards of time. The causal sum of this is, indeed the loss of a real part of general aviation’s soul. Without which generations will lose much of it’s connection to its true roots. Therein lies the sole reason and purpose for 20th Century Aviation Magazine and its affiliates.

Now, what is a Pioneer? A pioneer is someone who sees the potential that exists within something. A Pioneer is an innovator who is willing to try new things. A pioneer pushes boundaries, one who advances a cause or an idea or strives to break a record. Men and women who have experienced success in their field,  oftentimes overcoming overwhelming challenges. for example;

Boldness/Courage: Jimmy Doolittle dared to fly blind with only instruments.

Vision: Charles and Anne Lindbergh envisioned new routes for commercial aviation.

Dedication/Persistance: Despite systematic descrimination, Cornelius Coffey learned to fly, taught other African Americans to fly, and promoted African American pilots.

Creativity: Robert Goddard experimented with the world’s first liquid-fueled rockets.

Passion: The Douglas World Cruiser pilots flew around the world to show that America could.