Aviation Historical Society

World Aviation Historical Group 

The World Aviation Historical Group is a group of current and former Aviators who have a deep passion throbbing through their veins for flight. Each one of us has a deep and burning desire to promote and preserve the rich history of aviation that we experienced in the twentieth century. Therefore, aviators from all over the globe are coming together to form and found a non-profit (501.3c) educational organization, with a primary objective to organize for the preservation and dissemination of this rich heritage we collectively share of the world and its aviation we watched progress through the twentieth century. 

When this “group” is formally incorporated it will be incorporated into a “Society” and become The “Worldwide Aviation Historical Preservation Society” Inc. The society will be funded on dues, donations, endowments, and proceeds from fund raisers, etc.

The ultimate objective is to have an education fund and provide an annual education scholarship which will be funded by aviation sponsorship worldwide. Additionally there will be proceeds garnered from the annual (To Be Announced Later) TBA award which will be presented to an outstanding figure each year, for promoting, or being a positive influence on aviation.   

The Society plans to collect from donations and endowments world wide and to maintain an extensive collection of books, documents and photographs that will available to its members for research on any topic that may be of interest to them. 

Upon formation, incorporation and the establishment of “Worldwide Aviation Historical Preservation Society” Inc. and the funds become available our intent is to establish a semi annual newsletter (which will eventually become a magazine) and depending on the reception and support of same, depending upon the support may become a bimonthly publication. The Society will serve its members as a catalyst by providing a forum for communication among members having a common interest in specific topics.

Worldwide Aviation Historical Preservation Society” Inc. will aid and assist in promoting aviation seminars and promote aviation literature and foster professional careers within the aerospace and technical aviation and avionics fields and working hand in hand with universities and educational entities to help promote aviation.  

The only requirement to become a CHARTER member of the World Aviation Historical Group and ultimately the “Worldwide Aviation Historical Preservation Society” Inc. is to have soloed a aircraft (including a balloon, lighter than air, Ultra-light) and fill out the enclosed application. There is NO CHARGE for becoming a CHARTER MEMBER. However, we do ask when you return your application please include another self addressed stamped envelope for your membership card. If you desire to send a small donation toward incorporation fund that will be appreciated but not required.

World Aviation Historical Group

Post Office Box 90111

Lakeland, Florida 33804 USA

Become a Charter Member Today

send a self-addressed

stamped envelope and request an application to become a CHARTER member 

there is NO CHARGE!  

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  1. Romby says:

    Absolutely first rate and copper-botomted, gentlemen!

  2. Lila Gedye says:

    Awesome writing style!

  3. I hope you never quit! This is one of the very best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope which you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up due to the fact the net requirements somebody like you spreading the word.

  4. Ben Flyin Suzie says:

    Hi I am very interested in this and I would love to be a charter member of this organization and if there is any way I can help I want to. I will be sending my request with the self addressed envelope right? that’s all I have to do? You got it. I will do it tomorrow. I’m excited to get involved. Suzie

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