American Sky, Good Landings and Other Flying Adventures

 American Sky Book Cover

American Sky

Good Landings and Other Flying Adventures

Author, Fred Tribuzzo

Book Review By JR Hafer, aviation writer

The autobiography and memoir of Fred Tribuzzo is an incredibly interesting story of a multi-talented man with a burning passion to fly and a vision to chase a dream to make it a career. American Sky; “Good landings and Other Flying Adventures” is about the quest to achieve that very goal and the captivating characters he encountered and befriended along the way.

Fred Tribuzzo, has been published in Flying Magazine and is a talented musician playing stringed instruments as well as oboe and Piano. This writing musical intellectual has flown everything from a J3 Cub to a Citation Ten to a Corporate Boeing 737 for NetJets.  (Am I shamrock green with envy yet?)

For some reason the Minnesota humorist, storyteller, radio personality “Garrison” Keillor comes to mind when I am reading this book by Tribuzzo. I mean that as a big compliment because I really like his easy to read conversational style. Certainly this author is writing about real things that happened and real people, as he stated in the beginning of the book, I assure you there is no Lake Wo-be-gon although he did an emergency takeoff landing in a Farmers corn-patch, early on. Lesson was learned, according to Fred Tribuzzo!

I like what retired NetJets exec. vice president, Richard G. Smith III. said: “Fred Tribuzzo captures the magic of becoming an Ohio aviator in American Sky.”

An easy to read, well written, interesting captivating true story about one’s life is a rarity but this is a real find and I am glad I was asked to review this book! I loved it and cannot say too many good things about it.

This book can appeal to non aviators as well. The book is more about the story of the adventure of a man and mentor, the chapters unfolding, or pages turning in his life, if you will. Tribuzzo made me want to have known a man like Alan Corbi and his wife Dabney, and of course Frank. Oh, and what I would give to pull up a chair and listen to Mr. Louis telling of his experiences of being a Japanese POW in the Philippines during World War II.

Another thing I like about this book that should make it popular to the majority of readers is; this book is made up of short stories or what I call “Venue-etts” which are just a few pages long and one can pick up and read while they are waiting anywhere, without losing track of the story-line or losing interest. Therefore, one can read this book straight through or just a little bit at a time and not feel you must back read to pick up the story…

American Sky, “Good landings and Other Flying Adventures”is a good read and I hardly recommend Fred Tribuzzo’s telling of his experiences. This book is very entertaining, interesting as well as instructive of life. I personally subscribe to the theory that life is but a classroom and in that light, I enjoyed this class very much. So I would urge you to order “American Sky, “Good landings and Other Flying Adventures” by Fred Tribuzzo, right away…

JR Hafer, Aviation Book Reviews,
20th Century Aviation


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