Arthur Godfrey The adventures of An American Broadcaster

Arthur Godfrey

The adventures of An American Broadcaster

Arthur J. Singer’s Arthur Godfrey: The Adventures of an American Broadcaster is a magnificent, interesting and comprehensive, totally complete biography of Arthur Godfrey’s life. To describe it any other way would be selling it short.

Arthur Godfrey had an intricate personality and a Charisma that made him America’s favorite Uncle. Arthur Godfrey was an open book he lived his life and shared it with his listening audience. Singer’s book told us the facts about Arthur Godfrey’s rise and decline of his unique broadcasting career and brought us through his tumultuous personal life.

Twentieth century aviation has never seen one with more passion for aviation and the environment and along with other interests Arthur Godfrey didn’t do things half way. I don’t think Mr. Singer did anything half way regarding research and preparation for writing this book either. As I said, this book is totally complete. Singer told us in this book about Arthur Godfrey’s influence in bringing about the evolution of the broadcasting industry.

Arthur Singer starts at the Birth of Arthur Godfrey and we travel through the detailed life until the end. We learn about where the passion stemmed from and how the ego developed, and perhaps turned into an overachieving perfectionist who needed to be “at center stage” often the conflict was detrimental to friendships and professional courtesy. Thanks to Mr. Singer it was clear there was no personal opinion one way or the other in his writing of this fine biography. This is one of the best biographies I have ever read. About a legend that unfortunately history won’t have that much recorded about him. That is a sad thing too.

JR Hafer, aviation writer

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