The Cabo Contract

Cabo Contract Cover

The Cabo Contract

A Colin Pearce adventure

Author: Christopher Broyhill

A book review by, JR Hafer, aviation writer

The Cabo Contract, by Christopher Broyhill has hit the street with a “Bang” and has upped the ante yet another notch. Without a doubt each Colin Pearce novel gets “Gooder” and “Gooder” and the storylines are more intense. Mr. Broyhill definitely has another hit on his hands.

His background as an Air Force fighter pilot and continued higher academic education as well as his experience as a corporate Pilot certainly adds to Chris Broyhill’s ability to become “one” with his aircraft. But furthermore, he has an innate aptitude to facilitate a melding of minds with a reader, when describing the actual flying of an aircraft in his books.

The setting of this adventure is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the south end of the Baja peninsula. A tropical paradise with azure seas, warm white sands, a Mexican drug lord and a Arabian Muslim lunatic all with separate agendas.

Colin Pearce is reunited with his heart throb, love of his life, Bachelor magazine model and corporate pilot Sarah who is now married and expecting a child, to fly the Bachelor magazine Gulfstream IV.  But of course nothing is that simple in the CIA secret agent’s life.

The characters are well developed and they take on their own personalities, as they should. The author gives the reader time to establish a relationship with each character spending just enough time with the scenery without boring the reader with too much flowery descriptive language, which is an exercise in futility that some writers seem to need to show their prowess as an author. There is no need for this author’s ego to be stroked, (no pun intended).

I see common threads of continuity with Mr. Broyhill’s first book “The Viper Contract” and just as I predicted there is certainly the potential here for a franchise of epic proportions that can be capitalized on if he continues to stay the course. The plots are plausible and characters are realistic. The storyline has many levels of intrigue and when one thinks he has figured out the plot the author takes it in a different direction making more of an exciting and wild ride. There is not a boring page in the book.

The flying sequences in the gulfstream IV and the T-38 are not overly technical but I am told correct and “right on the money”. But even a non aviator won’t get bored reading this book. That in itself takes immense talent and an unbelievable amount of knowledge to pull that off. You can’t bluff that folks!

Christopher Broyhill has a way of making a nondrinker want to enjoy the fruity bouquet yet slightly bitter taste of a fine single malt Scotch and cheese hater want to scarf up eggs Benedict with creamy cheesey hollandaise sauce. There is no way Colin Pearce could contrive such an insight without his creator being the connoisseur himself.

Certainly The Cabo Contract by Christopher Broyhill has again assured us that the adventures of Colin Pearce, a down to earth contract jet pilot / CIA operative / magnet to beautiful sexy women / Connoisseur of fine single malt Scotch Whiskey, will be returning with another exciting and thrilling tale. I’m told that The Satan Contract will continue to be filled with great flying and good loving and wild rides.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I highly recommend this book! I suggest if you haven’t read The Viper Contract, you get that book first and then read The Cabo Contract. Not that this one doesn’t stand alone, it does very well. But you will want to go back and read everything anyway. So either way, both are great books and I look forward to Christopher’s next book The Satan Contract.

I have had the good fortune to meet a few wonderfully talented new writers and I enjoy reading and reviewing their books and this is one of them. Good Job Mr. Broyhill keep’em coming and we’ll keep reading and reviewing them.

JR Hafer, aviation writer

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