Flight of Deception, A Brett Raven Mystery

Mike Paulls latest Cover

Flight of Deception

Author: Mike Paull

Book Review By JR Hafer, Aviation Writer

Flight of Deception is the second book in the “Brett Raven” mystery saga by the talented author Mike Paull.

Dr. Paull, whose original vocation is dentistry;  is also an Aviator and capable author which is proven by each of his the three books he has published:  Tales from the Sky Kitchen Café, a collection of stories served up in an aviation Diner. Flight of Betrayal, was the first Brett Raven mystery thriller that had a grand climatic ending, so we thought. Now, surprise, surprise; the author has brought-forth a new book, a continuation of the story called: Flight of Deception the second one in the Brett Raven mysteries.

Although the author has written this book as a stand-alone story, it certainly is complete enough with background as not to confuse the reader;  Some folks like continuity and for those who have not read the first book, Flight of Betrayal, I assure you, one will find a treasure-trove in it. You may want to consider  reading Flight of Betrayal first.

I like the way Mike Paull writes; that is in an “easy to read manner”. This is to say, he is not one that feels a need to flaunt his vocabulary prowess by dressing-up the content with intellectual adjectives and incomprehensible verbiage that actually makes the story-line more difficult to follow.

The storyline in this book flows well and keeps the reader interested and wondering what happens next. Though the plot is complicated and somewhat convoluted with many twists and turns the reader doesn’t get lost. The plot is well thought-out, plausible and the author paints the picture well for the reader.

Brett Raven gets caught up in a Multi-Million dollar scheme, he loses his airplane in a crash, he loses his wife, and almost loses his life. Guess who Brett loses all this to? To his best friend and partner J.T. Talbot that’s who!

But is J. T. Talbot the Bad guy? J.T. who committed the perfect crime and made sure Annie got Millions? Brett was reimbursed for the loss of the destroyed airplane. The insurance companies were none the wiser, so; “Where’s the Beef?”

Was Brett Raven’s “Beef” a moral or a legal conundrum? It was obvious he wanted Annie back and he would let nothing stand in his way to make that happen. Revenge? Murder? Blackmail?

The Insurance companies have a private investigator watching Brett, now he must assemble a team carry out his master plan across country without the investigator, the authorities or J.T. Talbot noticing.

Brett Raven has a plan. It is a convoluted, complicated and expensive with a lot of moving parts and it includes exact timing, diversions, and a lot of luck. This has a Mission Impossible script flavor to it.

I can hear the gavel hit the podium, (as in Law and Order), as the thrilling, building and finally the crescendo concludes coming to a climax. Or perhaps this isn’t the conclusion, we shall see…

This is an exciting novel, and easy to read. The character development is superb, the reader can feel the emotion and will be sitting on the edge of their chair as they turn the pages as fast as they can.

This book is very well thought out, researched and correct in locale description are right on. As an aviator there are not as much aviation or flying sequences in the book as I would like, but that also means one doesn’t have to be an aviation enthusiasts to read and enjoy this book too.


JR Hafer Freelance Commercial Writer


JRHafer aviation writer / 20thCenturyAviationMagazine


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  1. Mike Paull says:

    Thank You JR Hafer, for a great review! I appreciate the kind words.
    Mike Paull

  2. pam says:

    Great review. Can’t wait to start reading and become involved with the characters again.on Congratulations! !

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