Flying In Cirlcles

Flying In Cirlcles

By Clayton Taylor

Flying in Circles

A Book Review by JR Hafer 

Any author who has a good enough story that readers forgive his short-comings, when he is starting out, has a promising career ahead of him. Clayton Taylor is a good example of that, for he is definitely gifted in aviation writing. 

I am no different from anyone else in that I always anticipate a good read every time I start a book. Sometime I am disappointed, and other times it takes me until I am almost finished before I can makeup my mind. This is one of those books. Make no mistake about it, I think Mr. Taylor knows his aviation and technical stuff very well, in that department he kept me glued to my seat and I couldn’t read and turn pages fast enough. He did his research and if I didn’t know better I would have sworn he actually went back in time and did a stint on the Martin M-130 Flying Boat. Additionally, I am sure he has flown in and around Boston there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, because it shows in his precise descriptive and technical information that could not have come from any other source than actual experience. 

To Birth a book it is a very long tedious and disciplined process. Anyone who has written a book deserves accolades just for enduring that marathon. Additionally developing characters and a storyline is a process by which one can never get it just perfect. It is a time tried study of readers and what they comprehend some need less explanation and others need more depending upon their imagination “curve”. Therefore, readers can either become easily bored in the beginning or “just not get it at first”, then the author runs the risk of losing his reader altogether. Therefore it is better to bore them a little giving the more detail than some may need. One writes to the “slowest common dominator”.    

With that being said, I was a little lost at first. Perhaps I was not as fast as I usual on pick up on some of the author’s descriptive scenes, I was a little confused. Maybe it was the author’s intentional “Hook” if so it wasn’t an obvious hook at first. Although being curious enough to continue reading to get answers made me continue.   

That is what an author is supposed to do get a reader to turn the page and continue reading. Taylor might be a genius at getting me to read on without being obvious? As far as the story line goes, I think Clayton Taylor has a fantastic, wonderful and imaginative story in his book “Flying in Circles”. I would have liked to see him flesh out the characters more so I could have felt closer relationship with them. 

The incurable romantic in me always likes a little romance in the story. I’ve always said to have a good book one must have airplanes and romance in them and have a nice conclusion with the hero and his gal flying off into the sunset happily ever-after. But I am a realistic and understand that Chivalry is dead and aviators are also females and the word gay doesn’t always mean happy! Nobody’s coming out to sing “Happy Trails to you”, no “Buffalo Bob”, Blah, blah, blah… (sigh) I felt kind of betrayed at the end though.   

Am I giving you mixed signals? I am still not absolutely sure about this book. If you ask me… “Do I not like this book…? The answer is: “No” I do NOT, not like this book, actually I think I like this book. Actually, for the most part I think I love this book! Certainly “Flying in circles” captured my interest and at the very first and at a few other places I was a little confused but the question is: Was that by design? I think this author has a gift when it comes to writing about flying. He keeps an aviation reader mesmerized that’s for sure. Yes, I liked the book and I do recommend it to others to read… 

I wonder out loud, if you will, if the Monkeys flying the Cessna 402 might be a “jab” at Air Controllers or at some fellow pilots? Well, perhaps in his next book Captain Clayton Taylor might let the Monkey out of the bag, so to speak.  

If you are confused by what I have written in this review, then join the crowd. I am only “Flying in Circles” 

Get this book and read it for yourself. Make up your own mind. I can only assure you that you will not regret the time you invest.

JRHafer, aviation writer Aug. 2012

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