ILLUSIONS, Richard Bach


Author: Richard Bach



By Richard Bach

Book Review by: JR Hafer, aviation writer

Richard Bach was given this book to write because he was ready to grow and learn this particular lesson while in the mean time sharing it with others. That was his medium. Not all will understand the concept, not all will be ready to see what their individual lesson to be learned within this text is, and they shall miss the whole point of the book. Not a waste of time mind you; for the seed might have been planted and it may just need nourishment and time to germinate before it springs to life and grows.

Life is but a class room. A journey if you will; filled with lessons of which we need to learn. But we need guidance, or it is easier if we have our own teacher or “Messiah” to explain the complications of life.

Not all folks will be able to understand or even accept this book for what it is. They will not ready for this lesson. One must be at a certain level of awareness, (or understanding, acceptance), to be willing to consider the personal possible validation or credibility to any of these points. Let me say at this point, none are “cookie cutter” points. That is to say. One concept is not right for everyone.

Everyone should find their own Donald Shimoda or their own personal Messiah, or mentor and most probably they will have their own form of a “Messiah’s Handbook”.

Richard Bach’s book ILLUSIONS is definitely a classic. I have read it a dozen times and continue to read it, and recommend it. I actually given copies to people I’ve met that are in need of encouragement. This book is a self development book and also a spiritual book. It has many profound truths within it.

In the book the author meets a stranger, a fellow pilot named Donald Shimoda. Donald has a book which Richard starts reading entitled the “Messiah’s Handbook” which he quotes throughout the balance of this book. which contains various pearls of wisdom…. (For example) One- “You teach best what you most need to learn” Two- “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours” Three- “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it however“. These are most profound words (lessons) aren’t they?

I am a student of Napoleon Hill and Zig Zigler and I absolutely do believe in positive thinking. I know by experience that one can manifest things and make them happen through positive thinking, I have not only seen it happen, but I do it all the time. Simple things like knowing I’ll have a parking space in a crowded parking lot when I get there. My wife is amazed when we arrive, someone pulls out of my space just as I am ready to park there. They were saving my parking space. It’s true it happens all the time, every time. Say what you will, but it works: Positive thinking, that’s only one example folks…

Richard brilliantly tried to explain in ILLUSIONS that we must be aware of our other dimensions or other levels, natural laws, or shall I say levels of awareness? We should be aware of the fact we live in planes of existence: The physical plane, The mental plane, The Spiritual Plane, The Causal plane.

ILLUSIONS is a magnificent and magical tale of a story about two Barnstorming care-free biplane Pilots who fly around making their meager living by giving rural folks airplane rides. But really it is a story about looking at inner-selves in the mirror (figuratively) and providing the opportunity of looking at our physical plane of life in a different manner, opening our minds to other dimensions. It is a wonderful read for those searching for a deeper meaning to life.

The potential of this book on your life is boundless and most inspiring. I recommend ILLUSIONS by author, Richard Bach it is beautifully written and a book everyone needs to read at some point in their life. I dare say this book can save your life if you are lost in a sea of despair and are on the edge of the abyss and have no other place to go, you may want to read this book. If you are at the top of your game and think you have the world by the tail, you might want to read this book. Depending where you are and what level of awareness you dwell, this may be the very reason you are reading this review right now; this book may be your “Messiah’s Handbook”.

Get this book read it: ILLUSIONS, by Richard Bach

Book Review by: JR Hafer, aviation writer

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  1. glen griffiths says:

    Hi JR. love your review on illusions. similar to you, I read think and grow rich in early 90’s and used to listen to zig ziglars tape on goalsetting on a regular basis. also reading several books along the same lines. I’m an englishman living in australia for the past 7 years. was temporarily living in australia 3/2000 to 3/2002. my wife of the time and i were at my cousins for the weekend ( on the central coast of new south wales about one hour drive north of sydney). during that weekend my cousin relayed an experience that had happened to him a couple of months before my visit. he and his girlfriend had a friend/aquaintance visit them that they didnt used to see regularly because my cousins girlfriend (“____”) used to often think that this guy used to f- -k with their minds (her words not mine). she went to bed leaving my cousin and this chap talking. after some time chatting my cousin said that a visible prescence floated through the room where they were chatting and then faded. after another 10 minutes or so the friend asked my cousin if he had seen anything, to which my cousin replied ” oh, you saw it too” the friend then said to my cousin go and have a look in the mirror, which my cousin did. my cousin said that he looked like he used to look in his late 20’s / early thirties (he was around 60 years of age with shaved head at the time). not reading too much into it at the time. a couple of months later my meditation teacher (in sydney) handed me a copy of illusions and said here glen have a read of this, it will really make you think about yourself. after reading illusions I realised that what my cousin had described to me was that he had had a thought form produced in front of him by his friend. (my cousin is extremely closed minded and i havent yet tried explaining my version of what he witnessed to him, i would be very surprised of him accepting it. (but you never know, i may try one day)).

    after reading illusions then and after immediately purchasing my own copy. i have read occasionally ever since, till about 3 1/2 months ago ( approximately 13 years later off work sick wit flu) reading the book (for about the 7th or 8th time) an awareness suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. ( and after several low key lessons and happenings throughout my life from the age of about 15yrs) and now it is the only thing that makes sense to me. even before reading illusions i have been able to shake seemingly impossible to solve problems (at the time), off easily and quickly. also about 3 weeks after this awareness hitting me I vapourised a small cloud (INSTANTLY (which kind of shocked, supprised and excited me). though have had no success in repeating since). similar techniques to what richard describes in illusions are used by a chap called jack black (not the actor). .from scotland who developed a system called mindstore. though i have had a small amount of success with jack’s techniques. he offers no explaination as to why or how certain techniques work in various situations so its like an uncompleted system if you like. where richard seems to have all his theory bases covered. I am on a consistently practicing of techniques journey now and really do regard illusions as my messiah’s hand book and life guide. richards truths on communication with others is the best ive heard and i personally try to keep in mind with all my communications. it also helps one be more open and patientwith others points of view. regards glen griffiths ( bricklayer of 35 years)

    • haferaviation says:

      Glen, You may want to start, as I did; I found it amazing how wonderful it is to manifest parking places. I do all the time. Everywhere I go. Folks who know me understand that I manifest them right up front where I want them not just somewhere in the parking lot. But specifically. 99 percent of the time it is there waiting for me, the other times one is clearing as I drive in. But one must believe that it works 100% and practice it 100% of the time, in all things! It’s real in all things. Positive thinking and the Natural Laws applied one can present their own destiny… (JRH)

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