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Joe Gleason Reviews Books

With more than 25 years in the practice of law, Joseph J. Gleason, a graduate of The John Marshall Law School and Purdue University with advanced studies in Urban and Regional Planning from Ball State University, was VP and legal counsel for Florida Citrus Mutual in Lakeland, Florida for 11 years before representing national and international commercial and residential real estate investors and developers across central Florida. 

He has taught Business Law, Environmental Law and Wills and Trusts classes at four universities, judged international moot court competitions, argued landmark federal land use/takings cases, successfully defended and raised Admiralty and Maritime cases in federal court, sold intellectual property rights to Disney, and registered U.S. patent rights in Canada. 

Mr. Gleason is also a graduate the Annapolis Sailing School, has built wooden boats and kayaks, is an avid nature photographer and obtained his open water scuba diving certification. 

His first solo flight from Midway Airport more than 30 years ago, chasing crop dusters across southern Illinois, and practicing full spins kept his first love of aviation teasing him throughout law school. He obtained his SEL rating in 1991 and his SES rating from Brown’s Seaplane Base in Winter Haven, Florida in 1992. His aerobatic PIC experience in the T-6 is something he will someday write about on this blog. 

Having a few of his own books in process, Mr. Gleason is now a welcome contributor.



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