Tales from the Sky Kitchen Café

Sky Kitchen Cafe Cover

Tales from the

Sky Kitchen Café

Author: Mike Paull

Reviewed by: Joseph J. Gleason

This very quick and easy read is a well composed collection of 12 tales of real life experiences as told to the author by as many pilots over the years while sitting in their favorite café. The author has a very pleasantly fluid and entertaining style he develops each of the short stories in a way that brings the reader through the experience of each of the pilots as if they were your friend as well. You become a part of the elite group as if you were having coffee with them.

The author describes the action in every story in a way that can be appreciated by pilots as well as those who just love to hear a good story. You become comfortable from the beginning. I will want to read this book in one sitting and it is easy enough to do. It is the kind of book that should be read while relaxing in a hammock or your favorite easy chair with a cold drink. There is no drama to spoil your mood or build tension. It is just a relaxing and enjoyable work that is a real tribute to the fraternity of pilots who casually assembled to share their life’s experiences and bond in the process.

There are tens of thousands of hours of flying time between them all and consequently there is a lot of valuable information being passed along to the reader who is a pilot. Every pilot knows that you can learn a lot just from listening to the experiences of other pilots and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to take a seat at the table and learn from reading.

I could easily relate to many of the stories told about cross country flying and any pilot who has planned and flown a distance of more than a few hundred miles can appreciate the process as told by each of the pilots at that table. Each plane has its own limitations and quirks and just hearing how they dealt with circumstances which were sometimes beyond their control is quite interesting. Snap decisions in critical situations are made instinctually from experience. You can gain a lot of valuable information reading about the experiences of others who have done the same type of flying, whether for business travel, vacations with family or just getting up in the air for the afternoon.

I recommend this as a great afternoon casual read and will suggest it to many of my friends. Nice work Mr. Paull. I will look forward to your next book.

Joseph J. Gleason, JRHaferAviationBlog.com/BookReviews

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  1. Mike says:

    Mr. Gleason,
    Thanks you for the nice review of Tales from the Sky Kitchen Cafe. I truly appreciate it.
    Perhaps you could post the links where the book may be purchased.



    Thanks again
    Mike Paull

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