Memories of an Emerald World

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Memories of an Emerald World

By, Michael Bleriot

3 Responses to Memories of an Emerald World

  1. Sue says:

    Ha, it’s funny to see this book here! I read it last year when it came out because a friend of a friend of a friend recommended it knowing I had flown in Colombia. This brought back great memories of some time I spent in Panama but Bleriot’s second book — The Jungle Express, which I see you’re also reviewing — is better. Well, no, let me say it’s different. It zeroes in on the flying more and because I flew in Colombia and the Express book takes place there, I related to it more. Both good beach reads, though, IMHO. We’ll see what you say!

  2. Herkie says:

    Sue, that’s where I read his other book, on the beach! Just starting this one so will let you know what I think.

  3. Matt says:

    I read this one. Liked it better than I expected because it hit on a theater I’ve not seen other books about.

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