Nancy Aldrich’s “FLYING MY DREAM”

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Flying My Dream

Author, Nancy Welz Aldrich

ISBN 978-1-928782-38-4            Book Review by, JR Hafer

How many times have you heard the phrase “Life begins at 40”? To many it is just a hollow meaningless phrase without emotion, but to Nancy Welz Aldrich it is a literal life-altering adventure. “Flying My Dream” author Nancy Welz Aldrich shares her true story of courage, tenacity, and persistence, tempered with just the right amount of faith to get the job done. I applaud her fabulous effort.

On March 29, 2012 at the Lakeland SUN ‘n FUN Fly-in Air Show & International Expo in Florida, I had the opportunity to meet a spunky lady named Nancy Aldrich who immediately impressed me with her bubbly personality and passion for aviation. We talked for a few minutes before I realized she had a book there she had written (Everyone has a book now-a-days.). I don’t agree to review books for everyone, but I liked her “spunk” and personality therefore I told her I would review her book. I’m glad I did!

The first thing I saw was John and Martha King (King Schools) had written a glowing endorsement on the cover. When the Kings endorse something or someone, you better darn well believe it is “good” and with that said, here is what John and Martha wrote: “Nancy demonstrates, in this marvelously written story, that competence, courage and persistence will surmount even the highest obstacles. If you ever have doubts about your ability to achieve your goals, read this book!

I should shut up, because John and Martha King say it better than I can. But I won’t! <grin>

After a failed marriage to a preacher who finally traded her in on a younger model, Nancy, who had stuffed her dream away for seventeen years, decided to bring her dream out of the closet and dust it off and pursue that dream.

In 1977, at the age of 37 and with her tax return funds in hand she embarked upon a career that she had dreamed about since she was a small child.

They lived near Ellington Air Force Base in Houston Texas during World War II watching the airplanes and the pilots in their “spiffy” uniforms who rented an apartment from the family. She had a crush on them. The planes and the airmen!

One of her childhood friend’s Father had an airplane and took them for a ride one afternoon. Nancy got bit by the “aviation bug” and was never the same after that. Just like most of us with the same ailment, there is no cure.

Every time Nancy told anyone of her dream to become a pilot she was told “women don’t fly” but Nancy didn’t dare tell them the whole dream after a reaction like that. Her whole dream was to become an airline pilot and Captain a large airliner. Can you imagine the uproar, if she had?

There are some people that have the innate drive toward destiny and will never take no for an answer, and Nancy is one of those people. Just like the little engine that “COULD” Nancy Aldrich knew if she had enough faith in herself and her God, she could climb any mountain and do anything she sets her mind to. And by God she did.

Indeed, Aldrich did become a Captain flying the Big “Heavy” Airliners for United on international routes all over the world. She did capture that golden ring she was chasing that is no secret. She was the first active American female pilot to reach retirement age of 60. She calls herself Captain “Gramma” who is now retired. The book is the story about the journey. It is intriguing and it will touch your heart.

Nancy has known affluence and she has been so poor she had to go without eating for days and no heat in her small apartment but she never lost sight of her ultimate goal. The fact is she always had intermediate goals along the way. I think her main message within her text is: one must set their goals and pursue them vigorously without wavering, setting priorities, and keeping directions set toward ultimate goals, and not wavering! Faith is your gyro and God is your compass!

This book is about Captain Aldrich’s vision and the story of how her dream was achieved with hard work. She makes us smile with her humor, and we ache as we struggle through the hard times with her. She included many personal candid anecdotes bringing the reader inside of her thoughts and personal story. Nancy shares her personal journey with us as if we are a part of the saga.

For me it was an unexpected “page turner” with some spicy spots as well for those who like a little sexy tease hidden within the covers. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong by enriching your life by reading this wonderful book about a success of Captain Nancy Welz Aldrich’s book “Flying My Dream”… A Good Read!

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