Pilots of the Line

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Author: Sky Masterson

Book Review By, JR Hafer aviation writer

Pilots of the line; on being an airline pilot before and since 9-11-2001, by Sky Masterson is a most unique book. It’s by a commercial airline pilot with over 15,000 flying hours and certainly knows his subject well. He says it so well, I can quote him best: “Pilots of the line will allow you to understand the inescapable yearnings of aspiring aviators, born with the desire to begin the long and sometimes arduous path to becoming an airline captain.”

Have you ever read a book that you never wanted to end, and wanted to climb into the story and bathe in the ambiance of the fascinating quality of the author’s prose? Perhaps only those who have immersed themselves into Fleming, Hemmingway, Gardner, or even John Steinbeck can come close to understanding from whence I speak. This guy is that good!

Although this book is a compilation of tales and insights of an airline pilot I can see where a full length book with a well thought out story line would be a best seller. With the time he has to think about things as he wings his way from place to place in those super jet liners, Perhaps he could create a character like James Bond, or Colon Pierce, if so there’s no doubt in my mind with his innate writing talent it would score big! You can quote me on that one!

“On the ground a Pilot is Just Another Fish Out of Water” Is one of Sky’s chapter headings. It starts out thusly: “Midnight, and I drag deeply on the Canadian cigarette, above, the stars glisten and the street traffic diminishes”… Sound like Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer doesn’t it?

Another Chapter is entitled: “Our Love of Flight is but a Thorny Rose”

A wicked specter floats among us as we drone through the night sky.” If I close my eyes as someone reads that line to me; John Steinbeck come to mind.

Ok, you may think I’m laying it on a bit thick. But truly I’m not! The caliber of writer this author really is you will have to read him and make your own determination. I recommend you do just that very thing by getting this book: Pilots of the Line by, Sky Masterson.

Sky Masterson Also has written another book entitled Destination Tempest A Mountain Pilot’s Tale which I plan to read and review soon. I will be writing a review on it soon so watch for it soon to come.

This author writes for several aviation magazines as well.

Pilots of the line, a book that will give you much enjoyment, I recommend this book make sure you buy it and tell your friends about this talented great writer: Sky Masterson.

Book Review by, JR Hafer aviation writer

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