Mission To Berlin


Author, Robert F. Dorr

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3 Responses to Mission To Berlin

  1. “MISSION TO BERLIN” is a general-interest, Stephen Ambrose-style World War II history that focuses on B-17 Flying Fortress crews throughout the aerial campaign and especially those who attacked Berlin on February 3, 1945, in the largest mission ever flown against a single target. The book also includes a new look at the entire bombing campaign in Europe.
    The young men who flew and maintained the B-17 are at the center of the story but “MISSION TO BERLIN” also has lengthy passages about Americans who flew and maintained the B-24 Liberator, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang. The 486th Bombardment Group had a key role. This book also contains a considerable amount of B-24 Liberator material. “MISSION TO BERLIN” is the same size as my “HELL HAWKS” book of three years ago. I have copies of both books available here with the authors’ signatures. The two books look great together.

    “MISSION TO BERLIN” is dedicated to pilot Marvin D. Lord, co-pilot Robert Des Lauriers, togglier Ray Fredette and tail gunner Frank Chrastka. You’ll encounter air aces like Brooks Liles and Grant Turley and bomber pilots like John Pesch and Harris Rogner. Medal of Honor recipient Maynard Smith is in this narrative. The book will interest historians, the warbird community and veterans’ and reunion groups. A member of the 305th Bombardment Group said, “I learned something new from this.” He felt the book described what life was like for these men. A bomber crewmember who served in a different theater called this “a universal bomber crew story.”

  2. Brett Reistad says:

    Masterfully Done!, November 29, 2011
    By Brett Reistad – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Mission to Berlin: The American Airmen Who Struck the Heart of Hitler’s Reich (Hardcover)
    Mission to Berlin is a gripping account of America’s air forces taking the War to Germany’s capital from the eyes of many participants and MUCH more. Author Bob Dorr makes no assumptions about the reader’s knowledge of America’s air war in Europe during WWII. Mission to Berlin is masterfully written, providing the reader with history, perspective, multiple vantage points and a wide range view from above, below and amidst the action. You will experience the elements, emotions, pain, and sacrifices confronting its participants. This one book easily contains more useful information than many in my library combined. After reading the author’s previous book “Hell Hawks,” I reasoned that this one would be a great read too. I wasn’t disappointed. If you were to add just one book on the air war in Europe to your library, this should be the one. In fact, buy two and share this great read with a friend!

  3. Robert F. Dorr says:

    Thanks to everyone who supported the book “MISSION TO BERLIN” and its narrative on B-17 Flying Fortress crews. “MISSION TO BERLIN” is now available as a trade paperback, but I can provide a signed copy of the hardcover edition. Contact me (703) 264-8950, robert.f.dorr@cox.net

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