The Flying Carpetbagger II

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The Flying Carpetbagger II

Author: Captain Ike Eisenhauer, Patricia Eisenhauer & L. Bar Eisenhauer

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC Ishpeming Mi 49849

Book Review by: JR Hafer, aviation writer

Years ago, I wrote a review on an excellent book entitled The Flying Carpetbagger by Captain A.L. “Ike” Eisenhauer with Robin Moore & Robert Flood. Captain “Ike” was the personal and corporate pilot and director of corporate aviation for the notorious financial genius Robert Vesco back in the 1970s. The Flying Carpetbagger was the saga of international exploits that reads like a “Swashbuckling” adventurer. All true stories! Ike truly lived like he flew his private $3.7 million Boeing 707 with proficiency, detailed accuracy with insight and “one with the machine”. Ike pulled on the plane like a pair of tailored pants.

Ike spent many years working on his second book, but on September 6, 2013, the aviation world lost an ICON when Captain Ike Eisenhauer, an aviator for over 60 years, lost his battle with cancer and made his final flight west. Either by design or promise to her husband, Patricia Eisenhauer decided to continue to polish and compile Ike’s stories and notes combined with her many memories of their conversations. Along with Ike’s son Bar who worked with his Dad for years, they worked and finished The Flying Carpetbagger II.

Patricia Eisenhauer and Captain Ike’s son Bar have done an extremely good job with Ike’s stories in keeping true to his own way of telling them.

The Flying Carpetbagger II includes stories from Ike’s early life from the time he soloed through the time his friends filled Chalet Suzanne for his memorial service on October 6, 2013 to bid him farewell. His wife was heard to express, “He was possibly the last swashbuckler to fly the world and though he denied it often he loved to be in the catbird seat.”

Ike was an enigma. Only a scarce few ever saw or knew the real man within Captain A.L. “Ike” Eisenhauer. Perhaps only his third wife, Patricia and his son Bar who was his best friend really knew him. Only they know the answer to that riddle. But for sure the content of this book shows in the loving compilation a propensity for finishing his fantastic life story and making sure it is done with an epic flare just as Captain Ike would.

Ike always said, “I am no writer, I am a teller of stories”.

He was indeed a very good writer! He did one heck of a great job telling those stories! Now his widow and his son have created a magnificent work with “The Flying Carpetbagger II”.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can recommend this book to everyone looking for a great read.


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JR Hafer, aviation writer, Book Reviews

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