The Rogue Aviator

The Rogue Aviator

The Rogue Aviator

in the back alleys of aviation

Author: Ace Abbott

Book Review By: JR Hafer aviation writer

The Rogue Aviator, in the back alleys of aviation, by Ace Abbott “is an improbable journey, the bizarre and tumultuous career of a free-spirited, fun-loving pilot; spiced with humor pathos, poignancy and debauchery”. That is what is written on the cover of the book. That promises an emotional roller coaster ride, that’s for sure.

Certainly Ace Abbott has a passion for aviation, and in my mind that gives him license to tell his story in any format he wishes. I think he sums his feelings up in chapter twelve; Conclusion (Debriefing) “Ace spent thirty-six years chasing airplanes around the world while subjecting himself to a career of uncertainties, social and family disruption, life-threatening situations, and sub-standard pay. In retrospect, when he considers those almost uncountable, incomparable life experiences, the positive side of the career overshadows the negative by an unquantifiable margin.” Now that is really saying something about his character, if you ask me.

The seed of passion for flying, planted by his Father, Ace Abbott learned young; at age eight as they shared the fun of flying a Taylorcraft in upstate New York. From their “Back-Forty Pasture Strip” on the   farm where he learned an important fundamental rule of thumb: If you pull back on the stick the houses get smaller if you pushed forward the houses get bigger.

Anyone with a moniker of “Ace” surely must be quite a character to start with! The name in itself certainly makes one eager to open the book and start reading with the anticipation of a thrilling escapade, and he doesn’t disappoint.

From his first Air Force solo in the T-41A at the Casa Grande, Arizona airport through Jet training and Flying the F-4 Phantom in close formation, including the “puckering-up” refueling missions must have provided “Ace” with enough adrenaline it still seems to radiate from his words on the pages.

Books are good when they are entertaining, but they are best when they are instructive as well. Ace Abbott’s book is also instructive. He makes it clear to the reader from the beginning and throughout the book his love of flying and how he developed a particular aptitude that is very beneficial to pilots called “situational-awareness” that kept him alive during his long career.

After College Ace joined the Air Force to Fly Jets and impress women, perhaps the truth being told, flying must have been real incentive and the girls became one of the fringe “Bennies”? But there is no doubt about it through the adversity and emotional struggles he stuck with it and became a “Jet Jockey”.

Thirty-six years filled with a deep passion for flying aircraft from military jet Phantoms to civilian Boeing 727 airliners has given Ace Abbott, the experiences of several life times. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of aviation life that is filled with Highs and lows, and he calls it “The back alleys of aviation”.  Indeed, these experiences that he has elected to share with the readers are well worth the price of the book.

In addition to the adventures and experiences you read about the Author also brings some instructive commentary well. Within the fabric of his tumultuous, free-spirited, fun-loving storyline is interlaced with safety issues pilots have always faced.

The Rogue Aviator, in the back alleys of aviation, a book by Ace Abbott is a good read I recommend you rush right out and buy it, read it and tell all your friends about it.

Book Review By: JR Hafer aviation writer

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  1. David Wade says:

    First of all, where’s Hafer’s review of the Ace Abbott book? Second, why does the site misspell the word “alleys” as “allys” in Abbott’s book on his aviation lifetime? Does anyone edit HIS online text?

    • Mr. Wade thank you for taking the time to make a comment, we always welcome all comments. Secondly, thanks for pointing out the typo. Yes typos do happen because we do not have an editor to verify our spelling or grammar and correct our mistakes. Therefore, errors do sometimes occur in our haste to post. “Shame on us”. That is a policy we will change as soon as it is feasible to do so.
      We could give you a ton of reasons why we’re so slow about getting things done, and they would all be legitimate reasons. But excuses aren’t what you want, so we shall give you none. All we can say is; we’ll try to do better in the future. We hope you will continue to read our Blog and continue holding our feet to the fire, because we are here to be the best aviation magazine we can be… Thank you. Publisher

  2. Patrica Edwards says:

    I read this blog and follow Mr. Hafer’s articles and reviews on a regular basis. I think mr. wade is being unfair and intolerable and should be nicer in communicating. The writers of this blog do a very good job and we should support them, not discourage them.
    Patricia Edwards, Foxboro MA

  3. Cecil Mullins says:

    You hit the nail right “smack dab” on the head with my friend “Ace Abbotts” review JR. Very good review.

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