The Tale of Tango

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The Tale of Tango

Author, Paul E. Hohmann

Illustrated By; Ivan Earl Aguilar

Book Review; By JR Hafer, aviation writer

The Tale of Tango is a children’s book with an aviation theme. It is penned by an Inventor, Engineer and Pilot from Greenville, South Carolina who has a flair for writing interesting and instructive children’s stories as well.

A graduate of Clemson University, Paul holds owns several U.S. patents and trademarks as an Inventor. With that being said he can now claim to be a talented published author too.

The Tale of Tango is Illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar. In my opinion the level of illustrations could have been stepped up a little, (or maybe not), depending upon the age level of the children being targeted. There is no age level indicated, for which the book is written. This kid (me) enjoyed the book at his advanced age! Then again, If being read to children of pre-school then perhaps the illustrations are right on!

The story is a simple one and though it has an aviation theme does not get bogged down in technical details that would bore children. The simplicity of the story does not dilute the strong learning message within the story. Kids will learn (sub mentally) several meaningful lessons from this book.

As adults reading this book, these lessons are so subtle you don’t realize you have actually run across the lessons, until after you have read the book, then find yourself thinking about what you have read, then you realize, Ah ha! There is a strong message in this story!

Lessons like: Change is not always bad and are always opportunities to learn and experience new things. You never can judge people by their appearance. Facing fears is the only way to get past them. Things never stay the same. One must go out into the world to find out what is expected of them. We always learn different things from different people. This book has so much to teach in its 20 pages it is unbelievable.

I strongly recommend this book. If you have a preschool age child in your family this book should be read to them over and over again. This will become their favorite story. Buy several of them and give them to other’s for their children. Wow, it is that powerful, in this writer’s opinion. When you read it for the first time, you will see the simplicity. But after you think about it for a while, you will see the genius in the creation of the story and the writing of the story. I give it 10 Thumbs up! Five Stars! Get it now!

By, JR Hafer, aviation writer, Http://20thCenturyAviationMagazine,com




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