True Stories of America’s Citizen Airmen In the Skies of World War II

By, Lt. Col (Ret) Jay A. Stout

Unsung Eagles by retired Lt. Colonel Jay Stout stirs my soul with his new book “Unsung Eagles” a collection of true stories of American airmen in the skies of world war II. 

Who of us have not sit around our aging grand folks and listened to the harrowing stories of war time? In this day and time we are rapidly losing those who can recant first hand their experiences in the World Wars. Therefore, we are losing history. That is why this book is so valuable. It is factual, and firsthand accounts of various war theaters from diverse perspectives. 

These stories about incredible exploits from regular unsung veterans who will say they were just doing their job, and wanted to fly and were willing to meet the foe over his skies where ever that may be, Europe, The Pacific, China, Far East, South East Asia was their incentive.      

These twenty men whom Jay Stout introduced us to, are not innately extraordinary men, they answered the call, adapted to the need, arose to the cause, but they were no different than their peers. They often drank, chased women and told crude jokes, But they did help make history. 

I wanted to read more about the a pilot who flew with the Flying Tigers, and John Campbell in the RAF, and Peck who was one of the many who went down in Manila bay. The many who fought and flew from Guadalcanal. A good book always leaves you wanting more and this one does! 

The firsthand account from these guys was reminiscent of my sitting in the hangar listening to my uncle for hours as he told about flying a Buffalo and Wildcats in the Pacific against the Japanese! 

I would like to Salute Lt. Colonel Jay Stout, Retired Marine fighter pilot, and current senior analyst for a major defense contractor as well as a well known Author of three major titles published by Casemate Publishers, UK.    

This is a humorous book a serious book, a history book, an interesting, instructive and entertaining all around grand book. It is easy to read and I do recommend you to buy this book in hardcover because you will want it for your library for sure. Even if you are not an aviation enthusiast you will still enjoy this one due to the valuable historic content. It is well written and you won’t want to put it down once you start reading this fine book.

JR Hafer, aviation writer, 20thCenturyAviationMagazine.com 

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