The Lieutenants

A Book Review

The Lieutenants

The Lieutenants is W.E.B. Griffin’s first book of the Brotherhood of War series. This is a series of historic fiction written by a master who knows the terrain very well.  Griffin (Bill Butterworth), has a knack for introducing us to the main characters and developing them in a way we become attached to them very early as if they were close friends. Thus we grow with our friends as they progress in their careers.

I must admit I am addicted to most of WEB Griffin’s series. I went to military school from the fifth grade through high school and later served in the Intelligence Division of the Armed Forces during the Vietnam era. I married a woman from the Philippines and additionally, I’ve been an aviator since the mid-1960s. Why am I telling you all this? Certainly not to be braggadocio, but to stress the point of my ability to discern the military and aviation credibility of Mr. Griffin’s writing. He is “right on the money” with only a few minor exceptions.

The author endows us with the ability to become one with each character as they develop as the drama of their life builds. For example, we go to war with Major Robert Bellman, who was a “West Pointer” Class of ’39 and  a tank driver who becomes a P.O.W..

We meet Sandy Felter, Rudy MacMillan, and others whose lives intertwine with all the others to become interwoven intricate web of threads throughout a magnificent story. The story involves planning and desires of careers and family, and bonds the reader with the author and the characters forever.

Once again, I must say WEB Griffin has done an outstanding job of capturing my interest and holding my attention. Page after page after page, I cannot put this book down until I am getting to the ending chapters and then I dread it coming to an end. I almost get angry when it ends, until I remember there is yet another book in the series. When the series comes to an end I will panic. I guess I am addicted after all!

I highly recommend The Lieutenants, W.E.B. Griffin’s first book of the Brotherhood of War series.

JR Hafer, Aviation Writer

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