Since the first time I ever flew, at age fourteen (without any formal training) I gave credit for this accomplishment to SPIRIT.  Something told me I could, history tells me I did!  With more than 41,000 hrs. of logged flight time above this earth spanning a time of 70 years, and awed by its majesty, there had to be a reason.  I think that reason was I respected IT, and IT respected me.  We had to understand each other, our limitations and the simple fact that we both lived in a world governed by laws of man, physics, gravity, aerodynamics and nature.  That’s why I always looked at IT as a product of man developed, over time, with the guidance of SPIRIT.  That’s WHY I have always talked to my airplane and listened when it talked to me.  We became ONE in the sky.

  In my blog story, “Flying the Titanic and missing the icebergs,” I noted a reference of the night I pissed on the nose wheel of this particular Gulfstream in Alamosa, CO and how I felt she was simply testing me.  This blog tells the story of WHY I thought IT was simply telling me, “Gotcha.” 

But, she didn’t… I won!

 If you haven’t read, “The Flying Carpetbagger,” this blog


will fill in the gaps

If you are one of the few who may not know who Captain Ike Eisenhauer is:

Captain A.L. “IKE” Eisenhauer, is a World famous author, speaker, instructor, adventurer, and currently a regular featured columnist for Airliners and Airports Magazine and master Aviator. Captain “Ike” as he is known to aviators worldwide, flew the only privately owned multi-million customized Boeing 707 for renegade genius financier Robert Vesco. Names like Nixon, Juan Tripp, Howard Hughes, Arthur Godfrey, King Juan Carlos of Spain were no strangers to “Ike” and the “Silver Phyllis” (the moniker Ike hung on the 707).

In the days of the presidency of Richard Nixon, shady characters like Bebe Rebozo, a Tampa Banker, Robert Vesco owned politicians and controlled countries. That whole world started to unravel in March 1973 for Vesco when many of his inner circle testified in front of a grand jury in New York city and Vesco fled in his Boeing to parts unknown.

Supported by Costa Rican leaders and even Fidel Castro of Cuba, Vesco was insulated from the jurisdiction of American courts. But In 1995 Castro threw Vesco in Jail and the “fugitive financier” vanished. However, the Silver Phyllis had been hidden and Captain Ike Eisenhauer was contracted by the United States government to find the Boeing and return it to the United Sates by “hook or crook.” Like an undercover agent, a spy, and a swashbuckling buccaneer “Ike” found the airplane and like Mr. Phelps of Mission Impossible, formulated a plan and executed it, to finally recover the multi-million Boeing 707 and brought his beloved “Phyllis” home. He did and the rest is history and it is all in his book “The Flying Carpetbagger” (Captain Ike is currently working on another book)…


  1. H. Reston says:

    Captain Ike, I’m a professional musician, a violinist. Like you I bond with my instrument and silently talk to it. Sometimes when my fingers fail me I want to smash it. But I don’t because we understand each other as you understand your airplanes. The only difference is my violin can’t kill me like a faulty airplane can kill you if you aren’t one when things go wrong. I love your stories.

  2. Pleasant excellent luck for you and us

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