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I am a Colonel, that is a fact. But not one such as you may suspect, no not that kind. I am a Kentucky Colonel, appointed by the Governor of that state all legal and in tact. A Colonel still and one to be proud of the station, do not snicker or laugh, just respect the tradition and call me Colonel…

  Uncle Sam

“When I was soaring high in the heavens and looking down upon the earth at the throngs of people, I wished you had been there to look up and see me smiling down at you. I can be no happier than when I am flying an aircraft, though I love you, my daughter and my lovely wife, The three of you make up my whole life………….. Aviation, Daughter and my wife”…



Hello I’m JR Hafer and I am the founder and publisher of this website. The direction and sole intent of starting this website in its present form as a combination website for an informational and  interactive blog is to promote 20th century aviation, to preserve it for all time. The history of 20th century aviation and the education of aviation. It is absolutely crucial to aviators of the future to understand the golden age of the evolution of early flight. Future Aerospace Venturists must understand from whence their embryonic ideas came and understand the ideals of the men these inventions sprang. Otherwise their dreams will be for naught and fade away becoming void and hollow, their fantasies and the light of them will dim and the fire within their bellies will extinguish and no longer will they understand the reason “Why” they even care to fly…

JR Hafer Aviation writer 02

J.R. Hafer, is a published author, an internationally known aviation writer a well respected book reviewer and the founder, publisher and CEO of 20th Century Aviation a worldwide internet aviation magazine that garners readers from over 150 countries around the globe.  In addition, he is the president of the Arthur M. Godfrey aviation foundation, Inc. which provides scholarships to aviation minded youth. Each year “JR” can be found as a Sun ‘n Fun “Roving Reporter” for  the SnF radio during the Annual International aviation expo fly-in and Airshow in Lakeland, Florida.    

From time to time Hafer writes for which is another internet magazine that is geared more toward the entertainment business. He wrote a well read article regarding an interview he did with his childhood friend George Grove who is with the famous “Kingston Trio”.

“JR” Hafer is originally from Hickory, North Carolina , He attended Military School in Virginia and then served in the US Navy (Air Intelligence), later attending college in Lynchburg, VA.  

When it come to beliefs and methodologies, Hafer is a life long student of Napoleon Hill and continued Self education. He  believes the secret to success is no secret; When one understands the subconscious translates all thoughts into real time conclusions, no matter if they are real or imagined, it is clear the subconscious will, in a positive way, influence the outcome of one’s life.  Therefore, If one has a business plan for his life and follows it, sets his goals, focuses on those goals, he will achieve what ever he is willing to pay the price to achieve them.

He has a deep passion for aviation that was fostered by the early television series “Sky King” and the day he met Eddie Rickenbacker and Arthur Godfrey at a chance meeting at his local airport . first Soloed a Cessna 150 from a mountain grass strip in 1963. JR went on to own and fly various aircraft to Multi-engine, he was limited later due to a genetic inner ear problem.    

JR Hafer believes that; “within every aviator there is a definite time in which a seed was planted in the belly (mind, psyche) of an individual, where the person cannot NOT learn to fly”.   

 (JRHafer, Aviation Writer, August 2009)


The Secret of Success is no secret

Since The Subconscious Translates all thoughts into logical conclusions no matter if they are positive or negative, it is clearly understandable if one utilizes the subconscious in a positive disciplined way, there is no doubt he can influence the outcome of his life. JR Hafer, paraphrased from Napoleon Hill, his life-long study of successful people was his cannon for teachings all based on the one below:

 Since the subconscious translates into their logical conclusion all thoughts which reach it – whether they are good or bad for the individual – it is clearly suggested that the way to put the subconscious mind to work for one in a helpful way is by giving it definite orders as to what is desired.

When it comes to giving orders to the subconscious mind, there are some instructions which must be carried out to the letter:

(a) Write out a clear statement of that which you wish your subconscious mind to act upon, and set a definite time within which you wish action. Memorize this statement and repeat it to yourself, orally, hundreds of times daily, especially just before going to sleep. (b) When you repeat your statement BELIEVE that it will be acted upon by your subconscious mind, and see yourself already in possession of that which your statement calls for. Close your statement by expressing gratitude for having received what you asked for. (c) Before repeating your statement to your subconscious, work yourself into a high, intense state of emotional enthusiasm and joy because of your inner feeling that your request will be fulfilled. The subconscious acts almost instantaneously on thoughts which are expressed in any state of high emotion, either negative or positive. This last statement is highly significant. Please read it again and think about it.  (Napoleon Hill)

 John Richard Hafer

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Arthur Godfrey

Famous CBS network Broad Caster and prolific 20th century Aviator

Arthur M. Godfrey, Aviation Foundation, Inc.

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A Geography Lesson

We are proud to be able boast, here on our website we can document to having regular visitors from over 200 countries who enjoy our articles and explore the pictures we post. That figures to be almost 96% of the world’s countries that are represented on our blog. I think we are doing what we have set out to do, and that is spreading, promoting and preserving 20th century aviation history to the world.

If you look close at the countries listed on our front page you will see countries you’ve never heard of. You may want to take a few minutes of your time and look them up on Wikipedia, and read about them, explore the information and find the name of the capital city and where it is located. That will be a good geography lesson for you. It is for me I get excited each time a new visitor from a different country shows up on our list, so I can look it up and learn about those I dont know about.

Come and watch us grow, keep tabs on the number and as we do, each time a new country is posted, the number will change. I invite you, … No, I challenge you to look up each country, at least the ones you don’t know . See where it is on the map then go and tell someone else all about this new country you have learned about, that way you will remember your geography lesson and make it a fun. An everyday Geography lesson and a great learning experience!

JR Hafer, 20th Century Aviation writer and Historian

5 Responses to Col. JR Hafer

  1. Thom Taylor says:

    It’s important to preserve and remember our past aviation achievements or we may not remember how we as a people ever got there, and the sacrifices that many individuals had made. I enjoy telling stories like that, but with a twist. Instead of using words to tell the story I use wood. My first story was the 1902 Wright Brothers glider, using the same materials (when possible) and the same building techniques as the Wrights. The glider is now housed in the California Aerospace Museum in Sacramento. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well the people that come to the museum and photograph the Wright glider may reach the million word mark.
    My next project is to build the John Montgomery aeroplane ‘Santa Clara’; this is being built in the same style as Prof. Montgomery did. When complete it will be the only fully operational Santa Clara in existence. We hope to start flight testing in 2013 and then on to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI

  2. Sandra S. says:

    Hello, J.R.!
    This message comes a wee bit late, but no less heart-felt. It was wonderful to meet you at Sun ‘n Fun in the Vintage Aircraft Camping [in front of Gary Latronica’s 1950 C120A]. It was there where you interviewed us, on our individual aviation experiences, our individual histories with traveling to, and camping at Sun ‘n Fun, our perspectives of the Sun ‘n Fun experience, and the absolute joyous passion you and I have for everything aviation. I have fully enjoyed perusing your website, with the wealth of information and photos, unique and fascinating links, and truly enjoyable articles, such as the captivating Arthur Godfrey article. Thank YOU for YOUR tireless contributions to aviation! May you always be blessed with good health, safe travels, love, laughter, the wonderful company of family and friends, and the gift of time with which to enjoy it all!

    Sandra S.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    • haferaviation says:

      Thank you for taking the time to make your comment. I am glad you like our magazine. I enjoyed meeting you and many others at Sun ‘n Fun this year, my life is richer for the experience. The best thing about my job is meeting wonderful people who love aviation and will take time to share their smiles with me. Folks like you make my life richer every day.
      It is never too late to write nice words, thank you Sandra. It was nice meeting you as well, see you again next year… JRH

  3. Somebody we grew up with, stayed with us last month here in Tucson. Told me I needed to check out this site, never saying it was yours. I did, and simply cannot believe it. Seems after falling on your ass far to many times, you finally got your crap together and got in the proper place and done well. For that I am proud of you.

    • haferaviation says:

      What a delightful surprise to hear from you. I am very proud of our magazine, we have been very fortunate. It would be interesting to know who from Hickory told you to look at the magazine. If you would like to communicate further with me, and I hope you will, my email is: Thank you that is a real compliment. I would be interested in knowing what and how you’re doing in Arizona.
      Write me very soon. Thanks Rusty.

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