Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation

Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation

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Who is Arthur Godfrey, you may ask…  

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Arthur M Godfrey Portrait

Arthur Morton Godfrey August 31, 1903 –

Arthur Godfrey was loved by almost everyone. Godfrey was like the Uncle who came for morning coffee and sat in the kitchen and told you what was happening in his life. He told you all about the planes he flew and how safe it was to travel in airplanes. He was perhaps the main reason that society accepted commercial airlines as a mode of safe transportation back in the time when the public was questioning it due to a rash of high profile plane crashes.  Godfrey flew his own airplanes and talked about his passion for flight all the time on the network air waves.

He was a one of the first network broadcasters and it was credited to him and his work ethic for building CBS network.

Arthur Godfrey was born in New York City on August 31, 1903. He hosted his Radio and television show, The Arthur Godfrey Show, (1948-1959). During his career, he discovered and show cased many new talents including Pat Boone, Julius LaRosa, Marion Marlowe, and many others. Known affectionately as “The Old Redhead,” Arthur piloted his own planes and was an early pioneer and promoter of civil aviation.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacken, who was famous the WWI “Ace of Aces” and the President of Eastern Airlines and Arthur became very good friends. Since Godfrey wanted to become an airline captain Rickenbacker allowed Arthur to go through the EAL captain school, thereby becoming a EAL captain. Godfrey later made a movie while flying a new Loclheed Constellation from New York to Miami to promote safety.

Locheed Super Connie 22

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  1. Lee Munsick says:

    I have been working for years on a book about Arthur Godfrey, his activities and associates. A major undertaking, for which I’ve accumulated an enormous amount of material, data, books & magazines, recordings, photos, videos, etc. One of my reasons is to counteract the lies about Mr. G, of which there are many. To name two – He was not an anti-Semite. He did not fire Julius LaRosa (also know him and most of the 50s cast while still alive). I knew Mr. G as a teenager in the 1950s. He was very nice to me and I knew he didn’t have to be. Early on he asked me, “I’m told you have all my commercial recordings. (Answer-Yes, I do). AG: “Oh, you’re the one”. I admire what you’re doing and wish you well. I’m always happy to hear from anyone. Lee Munsick, EVP Arthur Godfrey Memorial Foundation in Vero Beach FL.

    • Lee, thank you for writing. I was just down to Vero Beach Friday at meeting with Arthur Godfrey’s agent Peter Kelly, too bad I couldn’t have met you as well. I would like to communicate with you regarding your Arthur Godfrey Memorial Foundation in Vero Beach Fl.
      Let me encourage you to go ahead and publish your book as soon as posible, because it is important that Arthur Godfrey not be forgotten, nor all the great works he did for aviation and other projects he persued and loved. My book will only be from the aviation perspective, which he dearly loved and did so much good for the promotion for General aviation. (I would like to ask if you have anything regarding AG and aviation? I will email you about that).
      Mr. Arthur J. Singer who wrote the book: Arthur Godfrey, The adventures of an American broadcaster, also met with us last week.
      I hope to communicate with you and hopefully to meet with you at some point to discuss our mutual Mr. Godfrey…
      Thank you, JR Hafer email me:

  2. SSMcDonald says:

    Many do not know that Andy Rooney was a writer for Arthur Godfrey before CBS promoted him into his own right.

    • Andy Rooney was indeed a writer on Arthur Godfrey’s staff for several years and Arthur Godfrey held Rooney in high esteem though he often teased him on the air with “corney lines” and they both had a lot of respect for eachother. Thanks for your comment sir.

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