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Mission Statement

The mission of JRHaferAviationBlog.com is solely to promote aviation and to foster aviation careers, therefore preserving twentieth century aviation. We acknowledge and affirm the generation born to witness the evolution of flight from a century of such phenomenal exponential growth of nothing short of a modern gift from our creator.

Attested to by that generation’s witness to the first Powered Flight in December 1903 to the first manned Space travel in April 1961.  Furthermore the desire to endeavor to preserve and promote twentieth century historical aviation and to foster the deep love for flight by planting seeds within the youth and to nurture and support those seeds of aviation education until they blossom into full careers. Therefore they themselves promote future passions for aeronautical careers in the future.

As aviators we believe there are no borders and we treat every fellow aviator with the utmost professional courtesy and will never do harm to others.

Our primary concern with this website / Blog is to grow into the simplest and most interesting, and very comprehensible content as possible. We will welcome enthusiast just as much as the seasoned aviator and encourage and promote all ambition to fly.

Although we will be revenue producing endeavor we will not accept any advertising we do not think is absolutely honest and good for the consuming public, under any circumstances.  “Our Mission, as our concept, is to always be good for aviation and the community as a whole.”  

 JR Hafer, Founder & CEO



When entering Fantasy of Flight at Orlampa, Florida. It is “Magic” and nothing e…lse short of that word can ever come close to describing it! There are no other words that can be used to adequately describe the emotional stirring by the experience.See More

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Arthur Godfrey, Lest we Forget 

Watch for Stories coming soon by JR Hafer:

“They Fostered Many Passions” 

“What Eddie Rickenbacker & Arthur Godfrey told me” 

“Jack Cones the Flying Constable of 29 Palms”

“Sky King at the Flying Crown Ranch”

Flying with Arthur Godfrey


Pilatus Twin Porter PC-8D

• Another development of the PC-6 Porter was the twin-engined PC-8D Twin Porter with two Lycoming IO-540 engines of 290 hp each. This proof-of-concept aircraft used many components of the PC-6. The prototype first flew on November 28th 1967 as HB-KOA. With no orders in the books the project was stopped in February 1969 and the aircraft was scrapped.

HB-KOA was the prototype and only example of the PC-8 Twin Porter built. The author was lucky enough to see the prototype in Buochs/Stans on 27MAR68 between test flights.


February 25,2013

JR Hafer’s  Sun ‘n Fun Radio Interview

with Allen Cates of Air America


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