U.S. Aircraft Carriers

These pages are about the history of the U.S. Aircraft Carriers and stories regarding them.

By, JR Hafer, aviation writer, http://20thCenturyAviationMagazine.com

The 1st Aircraft Carrier was Commissioned in 1922 and was named the:

USS  Langley (Designated as: CV-1)    1922  Commissioned    Sunk Java  

USS  Lexington     CV-2      Dec. 1927     Sunk Battle of Coral Sea          

USS  Saratoga        CV-3      Nov. 1927    Sunk Nuclear Test Bikini Island

USS  Ranger           CV-4      June 1934   Scrapped 1947 Chester PA

USS   Yorktown    CV-5       Sept. 1937    Sunk Battle Midway

USS   Enterprise   CV-6     May 1938      Scrapped 1960

USS   Wasp             CV-7     April 1938     Sunk Guadalcanal                            

USS   Hornet          CV-8    Oct. 1941        Sunk Battle Santa Cruz

USS   Essex               CV -9   Dec. 1942     Scrapped 1975

USS    Yorktown      CV-10  April 1943  Museum  Charleston, SC

USS     Intrepid         CV-11  Aug. 1943   Museum  NYC Harbor

USS    Hornet             CV-12  Nov. 1943  Museum Alameda CA

USS    Franklin          CV-13  Jan. 1944   Scrapped 1975

USS    Ticonderoga   CV-14  May 1944   Scrapped 1975



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