Edward Logan recalls B-17 bombings of Frostproof

Photo: Edward F. Logan, Jr., address the audience during the Frostproof Chamber of Commerce event. (Credit: John Stemple)

On the evening of November 18, 2010, the Frostproof Chamber of Commerce held its annual banquet. Guest speaker, Edward F. Logan, Jr., a former U.S. Air Corps Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress pilot, related his recollections of combat flying training in the area during 1944. Topics included accounts of two mishaps over Frostproof, his military flying and a narrowing escape from German troops in 1945.

Then Lt. Edward F. Logan, Jr., received a posting to nearby Avon Park Army Air Field, Florida, after completing Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress conversion at Sebring Field Army Air Field, Florida. As part of the curriculum, the novice crews flew day and night solo bombing missions. During these evening sorties the young men flew above the practice range.

On two occasions the inexperienced bombardiers evidently became confused and mistook lights in the city of Frostproof for the lighted markers of the bombing area. On the nights of August 21, 1944, and August 24, 1944, inert practice bombs impacted within the downtown area. According to the Frostproof Historical Society, on the first night an object impacted Mayor John Maxcy’s property. One or more additionally came to rest in adjacent orange groves. The second incident was a near miss of a resident. Evidently Mr. Bodow’s chair received a direct hit just after he had vacated it! Mr. Logan quoted his commanding officer in the aftermath. The officer told the assembled flyers, “Even though we are training for war, we are not at war with the city of Frostproof!” One wonders whether if this proclamation convinced Mayor Maxcy and Mr. Bodow?

Edward subsequently flew with the 15th Air Force, Fifth Wing, 483rd Bombardment Group, 817th Bombardment Squadron in Italy. His mortally damaged aircraft went down on its 34th mission. After the war he became an airline pilot and aviation administrator and now lives in Hendersonville, NC.  The title of Mr. Logan’s engrossing book is Jump, Damn It, Jump!

The author (John Stemple) thanks Edward F. Logan, Jr., for his correspondence and cooperation.

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  1. Betty Logan says:

    Edward F. Logan, Jr., 1ST Lt., US Army Air Corps., author of “Jump, Damn It, Jump!” was interviewed by Jason Haley, of Selective Eye, for the Library of Congress in 2012. The interview is on a CD which is now located in the Library of Congress. A copy may be obtained from Mr. Haley, at Playa Del Rey, California 90293. It covers portions of Logan’s interesting military career as well as his long aviation career after WWII along with some family history.

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