Spectacular Israel Air Force paintings unveiled by Martin-Young

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Martin-Young's first IAF painting.

Martin-Young’s first IAF painting.

21 June 2013 | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With the 65th anniversary of the War of Independence being recognized, many are musing about the Israel Air Force (IAF) and its formative period. According to a February 2013 JewishJournal.com article, three film projects that address the subject are in process. With the nascent IAF in mind artists Frank Martin and Judeen Young (Martin-Young) produced two remarkable pieces of artwork.

Martin-Young's second IAF painting.

Martin-Young’s second IAF painting.

This aviation aficionado and writer appreciates that the liturgies of traditional Jewish Sabbath morning prayers contain passages alluding to God’s association with the heights. According to language contained in prayer books, redemption comes from the sky. Thus, one must wonder whether it was merely a coincidence that Israel’s use of a few airplanes and “Machal” (foreign) volunteer pilots and ground crews, proved to be pivotal to Israel’s winning?

Mr. Martin provided the following insight: “The IAF founders shared a common goal and utilized whatever aircraft were available to them in 1948. Nowadays it is difficult to conceive of Taylorcrafts, Piper Cubs and Beechcraft Bonanzas serving as light attack planes.” Frank surmised, “I suppose necessity and desperation really are the mothers of invention!” Commenting about the research phase, he also said, “I learned so much. The story of the Israel Air Force’s founding is simply fascinating.”

To create these unique works of art the artisans utilized forms of layering and collage. The results are extraordinary. Mr. Martin remarked, “I am very pleased with the completed pieces. In some ways, these two paintings represent the current apogee of our creative works. We stretched the artistic envelope to bring them to life.”

The Martin-Young techniques bring forth ghostly renderings that suitably serve dual purposes. Firstly, the colorful “apparitions” create an effect that transports viewers to a distant past. Secondly, they pay tribute the pilots and aircraft they flew.

For more information, one may contact Steven Greenwald Design, Inc., at (954) 975-2010. The gallery’s address is 3023 Northwest 60th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


The reviewer (John Stemple) thanks the management and staff of Steven Greenwald Design for their cooperation.

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