The art of flying: Steven F. Greenwald Design’s lofty artwork

Steven Greenwald and Marketing Assistant Caroline Desousa. Photo: John Stemple

Steven Greenwald and Marketing Assistant Caroline Desousa.
Photo: John Stemple

28 January 2013 l Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The conversation paused whenever a luxurious corporate jet taxied past the Jet Runway Café’s windows. Their elegant fuselages gleamed in the south Florida sunshine. After each “parade,” the conversation returned to the aviation artwork produced by Steven F. Greenwald Design, Inc. The firm’s art is unique and appealing. The use of innovative techniques, such as the incorporation of aircraft schematics and plans, is bold. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with traditional aerospace art renderings, it is refreshing to see serious artists pushing the artistic envelope.

The "Wright Flyer" painting. Source: SFGD

The ‘Wright Flyer” painting.
Source: SFGD

Martin-Young and José Ocaña drive the creative processes related to the production of aviation paintings at Steven F. Greenwald Design (SFGD). Mr. Greenwald is proud of the firm’s excellent customer service and the response to their artwork. He commented, “We were well received at the recent SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo. Sales were very gratifying.” The company plans a display at Air Venture in July. Considering the current popularity of the pieces, Steven expects business at Oshkosh to be exceptionally brisk.

Mr. Greenwald remarked that the “Martin-Young & José Ocaña styles are a source of pride.” He continued, “Producing such artwork is a personal labor of love.” Subsequently, Steven stated, “We experience joy when we create images of famous aircraft of the past and present.”

The "Spitfire" painting. Source: SFGD

The “Spitfire” painting.
Source: SFGD

Among other ongoing endeavors, and at the request of 20th Century Aviation Magazine, SFGD is producing paintings possessing themes related to the formative years of the Israeli Air Force.

The "Staggerwing Beech" painting. Source: SFGD

The “Staggerwing Beech” painting.
Source: SFGD

SFGD is a full service establishment. Steven stated, “The staff artisans are experts in all areas and eager to assist. We can provide art for either corporate or residential clients to fit any space and any budget from start to finish. Digital photography, Web and logo design, and consulting are additionally available.” In conclusion, Mr. Greenwald stressed the following: “Steven F. Greenwald Design exists to serve you. We will move a project from art consultation and art selection, to fine framing, to on-site professional installation. Virtually no request is too small or big for us.”

The "Hughes Spruce Goose" painting. Source:SFGD

The “Hughes Spruce Goose” painting.

Steven F. Greenwald Design occupies a facility in excess of 7,000 square feet. The building houses a fine art gallery, production area, woodshop, warehouse and the administrative offices. The address is 3023 Northwest 60th in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. One may telephone SFGD by dialing (954) 975-2010.


The author (John Stemple) thanks Mr. Steven Greenwald, Caroline Desousa, Nancy Giberson and the entire staff of Steven F. Greenwald Design, Inc.

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  1. haferaviation says:

    Steven Greenwald and the Martin-Young aviation Art collection is the most unique aviation art I have ever seen.
    It is relevant, current and somewhat mystical. Each time you look into this art you see deeper into the painting and you find new perspectives each time.
    Within the art Mr. Greenwald plants subliminal spirits in his work, it appears when one gazes upon an aircraft he has painted… Then, it is like the art itself is showing to you its soul…

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