Battle 360: Complete Season One (DVDs about USS Enterprise)

Battle 3602 October 2009 (Updated 17 April 2015) l Lakeland, Florida — Periodically one hears the following: “What is old is new again.” In this case the ‘old’ is the story of USS Enterprise (CV-6), perhaps the most famous U.S. Navy aircraft carrier of the Second World War era. Although the events took place more than sixty years ago, the Enterprise saga remains a stirring, significant and unfortunately largely unknown or forgotten segment of the history pertaining to events in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

Commander (Ret.) Edward P. Stafford penned the classic book titled The Big ‘E’: The Story of the USS Enterprise in 1962. Now the compelling textual saga of the great ship is supplemented by the release of an unaffiliated DVD (ASIN: B002MXG520) collection that carries the moniker Battle 360: Complete Season One. The 2008 episodes, now preserved on individual DVDs, originally aired on A&E Television Networks’ History Channel.

The Big EThe positives offered viewers are the interviews conducted with men who served on The Big ‘E’ and the actual combat footage woven into the production. Thus, the videos now enable one to put some faces with names and see film of places detailed in the book.

As is usual when individuals who are not experts prepare material on a topic, there are shortcomings in the final product. A few negatives include minor historical inaccuracies, such as incorrect aircraft markings on Computer Generated Images (CGI) planes at some points, and a couple of insignificant factual errors. Additionally, the narrator’s voice is audibly docile and occasionally drown out by the sound effects accompanying the CGI recreations. Perhaps the utilization of a more mature reader would have allayed the foregoing criticism?

Nonetheless, Battle 360: Complete Season One is worthy of purchase and viewing. Those who turn the pages of Edward P. Stafford’s The Big ‘E’: The Story of the USS Enterprise and also watch  Battle 360: Complete Season One will obtain a good understanding of the very important contribution provided by the U.S. seamen, aviators and marines crewing one vessel in a vast, bloody and terrible conflict.

Note: Readers interested in accessing the John Stemple’s review of Edward P. Stafford’s book may do so by clicking on the following link: The Big ‘E’: The Story of the USS Enterprise

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