Hawker Hurricane: The Pilot’s View (DVD)

MAM bannerHawker Hurricane - The Pilots ViewThe fighter that contributed the most to the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) victory in the Battle of Britain was the Hawker Hurricane, although the Supermarine Spitfire was the more esthetic and known of the duo. In fact, Hurricane pilots shot down more enemy aircraft than Spitfires. Therefore, it is fitting, and fortunate, for aviation history aficionados that Duke Marketing produced the video Hawker Hurricane: The Pilot’s View.

Two noteworthy individuals featured in the footage are Stepehen Grey and now-retired Air Chief Marshal Sir John Shakespeare Allison. Grey guides viewers through the cockpit of Hurricane XR-T and takes them aloft on a flight above Duxford in the Historic Aircraft Collection‘s example, which is a 1942 Canadian-built Royal Canadian Air Force Mk. XIIb. At the time of filming this Hawker was sporting Eagle Squadron (No.71) livery in tribute to the Americans of the RAF’s Eagle Squadrons, which were operated Hurricanes before upgrading to Spitfires. Afterward, John Allison provides an on-camera discourse about the qualities of the Hawker fighters.

Hawker Hurricane: The Pilot’s View is highly recommended viewing. One will thrill to the spectacular aerial views, and detailed in-cockpit shots are featured.

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