The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel (DVD)

The Hope20 July 2015 (updated 30 July 2015) | Virginia Beach, Virginia. Too many Jews, Christians, historians, politicians and others unfortunately do not know the facts that led to the reestablishment of a modern Jewish state (Israel) in the former region known as British Palestine. For the enrichment and enlightenment their own, the Israel Defense Forces (צה”ל or “Tzahal”/IDF) maintains an education unit which dispatches soldiers to bases to conduct lectures.  The goal is one of combating ignorance amongst young enlistees who are entering their period of mandatory military service and short-term Sar-El volunteers from around the world. Now, with the release and airing of The Christian Broadcastin Network‘s (CBN) documentary The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel, viewers around the world may obtain a solid understanding of the individuals, politics and events that culminated with the founding of Israel.

Hosted by Gordon Robertson, The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel‘s chapters include “Theodor Herzl,” “Buying the Holy Land,” “Chaim Weizman,” “David Ben-Gurion,” “Golda Meir” and “Independence Day.” Bonus segments are titled “Churchill & the Jews” and “Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.”

The founding and arming of the fledgling IDF and Israeli Air Force (חֵיל הַאֲוִויר or “Air Corps”) are addressed with archival and contemporary footage. The filmmakers obviously paid a visit to the Israeli Air Force Museum at Hatzerim Airbase and secured images of legendary IAF aircraft. Noteworthy are the closeups of an Avia S.199 “Mule,” which was Israel’s first type of fighter plane.

The actors and actresses who portray the leaders and significant individuals are quite convincing in their roles. The film work is state-of-the-art, and appropriate companion music adds to the impact and effectiveness of this exceptional production. Of particular note is that this offering does not proselytize or otherwise attempt to convert Jews and others to Christianity. Thus, The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel is highly recommended.

The 700 Club is currently broadcasting individual segments on a daily basis. One may also watch The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel online via CBN streaming. Furthermore, a DVD may be purchased for $10.00 (U.S. Dollars) by contacting CBN online or telephoning 800-823-6053 in the United States or 877-431-7887 in Canada.

Since the series aired on the 700 Club, CBN has broadcast two additional segments that are not contained on the DVDs. They are also excellent and may be viewed by clicking on the below links.

Whose Land Is it? Palestinian Claims: “A look at the Palestinian claims to the West Bank and Jerusalem, including ancestry, religion and the ‘right’ of return.”

Whose Land Is It? Jewish Claims: “A look at the Jewish claims to the West Bank, including the Biblical promise to Abraham, international law, the recapture of the land in a defensive war and the Jewish development of the land.”
The reviewer (John Stemple) thanks CBN for supplying a copy of The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel.

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