The Miracle of KA114 (DVD)

Miracle of KA1141 July 2014 | Burlington, Ontario, Canada. There is life after death as evidenced by de havilland Mosquito KA114. Interred, having been buried in a field after a landing damaged an undercarriage leg in the 1950s, KA114 was exhumed and painstakingly and lovingly restored to life. KA114 was restored to vibrant life and took to the air like a risen phoenix in 2012.

Today KA114 thrills aviation aficionados around North America. The Miracle of KA114 is the story of this magnificent aeroplane and the owners, craftsmen, engineers, technicians and who laboured to bring about the mosquito’s rebirth and those who flew Mosquitoes with the Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Filmed in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States, Cinema 16 states, The Miracle of KA114 “is a story of dedication, persistence and passion, and it is as much about the people as the machine.” Colour and black and white archival footage is incorporated with more contemporary film work.

The production was directed by Sandy Thompson and produced by Cinema 16 and Nomad Films, and the video contains a standard version and one with director commentary. The DVD formatted for all NTSC regions, and running time is approximately 50 minutes.

This documentary is highly recommended for viewing. It represents an important contribution to the legend that is KA114. We hope she continues to fly for the edification of future generations.

For orders external of Canada one should contact Cinema 16 via e-mail at the following address:
The reviewer (John Stemple) thanks Sheri MacDonald of Cinema Sixteen for their assistance and cooperation during the preparation of this article. Mr. Stemple maintains memberships with Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Calgary Mosquito Aircraft Society, Royal Canadian Air Force Association/de l’Aviation royale CanadienneThe Royal Canadian Legion/La Légion royale Canadienne and Royal Air Force Historical Society.

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