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Picture from Italy by Staff Photographer Leo Battilocchi

FIAT G 59B” parked in a private hangar in Parma INTL Airport. The Mr “Pino Valenti”. He is a pilot and he has many others aircraft.

FIAT G 59B on Taxi to Ramp


FIAT G 59B” parked in a private hangar in Parma INTL Airport in Italy.


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Our professional Staff Photographer in Italy Leo Battilocchi

1982 C-212 Aviocar taken at Parma INTL LIMP PMF Italy

Photo by Our Staff Photographer Leo Battilocchi

Photo by Our Staff Photographer Leo BattilocchiPhoto by Our Staff Photographer Leo Battilocchi


photos about this Rockwell 690A Turbo Commander, built in 1974. The owner is ” Compagnia Generale Riprese Aeree”. These photos were taken in Parma (PMF/LIMP) International “Giuseppe Verdi”.

(Photos by Staff photographer, in Italy:  Leo Battilocchi)

Leo, in my opinion The Aero Commander is one of the best flying aircraft and fun to fly, it is forgiving and stable, it gives one the ability to build confidence and a great learning platform as well. One thing about it when you get use to the though of scraping your bottom on the runway on touch down, although it is just a feeling, you get use to it. It’s fun 🙂 to fly. It’d fun to land 🙂 It’s just fun:)…  

fokker 50 miniliner italian cargo company at parma international airport

(Photo by our staff photographer: Leo Battilocchi at Parma Int Airport Italy)


Photo by our staff photographer: Leo BattilocchiPhoto by our staff photographer: Leo Battilocchi

More from Leo:

Aeroclub Carpi May 27th at Carpi airport Italy  Photos by Staff photographer Leo Battilocchi

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Notes From Leo Battilocchi

(Our Staff Photographer in Italy)

Hi JR. In my holidays in Germany, me and my friends have visited Frankfurt am Main international airport (EDDF/FRA) Thank you and regards!!! Leo.

Photo no.1: Yakovlev YAK 42D. Photo no.2: Airbus A 300 622R/F DHL. Photo no.3:Airbus A 330-243 Emirates. Photo no.4: Boeing 767-333 AirCanada special livery “Star Alliance”. Photo no.5: Boeing 737-85F/W SunExpress. Photo no.6: Airbus A 380-800 Lufthansa. Photo no.7 Airbus A 340-311 Kuwait Airways. Photo no.8: Airbus A 300-605R Iran Air. Photo no.9: Boeing B 777-F1B China Southern Cargo

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  1. Happy Easter, From
    It is difficult to verbalize the feeling and emotion one experiences sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft while soaring high in the heavens alone with God. One feels the glory as one gazes upon God’s creations and is assured of devine superiority, realizing there is absolutely no way, after this experience, to deny “His” existence… Happy Easter everyone, for “He” is …
    JR Hafer, Aviation Writer

  2. I want to introduce and say what a great job our new Staff Photographer is doing Leo Battilocchi lives in Italy and is now the official Italy Staff Photographer for Keep up the good work Leo

  3. Photo by our staff photographer: Leo Battilocchi is doing a great job getting all these wonderful aircraft pictures in Italy. Thanks Leo.

  4. Aeroclub Carpi May 27th at Carpi airport Italy Photos by Staff photographer Leo Battilocchi these are some great shots Continue to visit to see many more of Leo’s great Photography. From time to time you will see his photographs throughout our website.

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