Spelling Bee Sign of the Times

Spelling Bee Sign of the Times

By, JR Hafer, aviation writer

On may 30th, 2014 the following was the headlines that drew a lot of attention in America: “ Scripps National Spelling Bee draws Racially charged comments after Indian-Americans win Again.”It is a shame that some folks were more preoccupied with the kids heritage than their vocabulary.Sriram Hathwar, 14, from New York., and Ansun Sujoe, 13 from Texas. Both boys are Indian-American and became co-winners after running out of the 25 designated words in the final round of the National Spelling Bee.The Fact is; the past eight winners in a row, and 13 of the past 17 winners, have been of Indian descent, according to the Associated Press, a run that began in 1999, Some ignorant racial statements have been made such as “Where are our American kids?”…

What kind of question is that?Really? That should “Tee you off” these kids are American kids first of all! Secondly, you are actually asking where are the “white kids” right? My answer is Ask our education system Sir! I also say Thank-goodness for these Kids and that they are  Americans!It would seem that Asian American Kids are the only ones who enjoy, excel and take education of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics serious these days. Oh yes, there are white kids who excel too, but they are few along the way. It’s not their fault it is an indictment on the educational system. One measures the knowledge now-a-days by the hunger for knowledge the kids may have. Not what they are being taught. These spelling contestants are Hungry for knowledge and do not wait on the educational system to teach them. These Kids pursue and Mine the knowledge themselves without being told to do so. They do it the old fashioned way they earn it. Scripps National Spelling Bee does not note ethnicities in its speller statistics. Certainly they measure their hunger…

I personally would hate to see the Scripps Corporation “water-down” the process by becoming racially sensitive and succumb to a balance to color equality rather than vocabulary and spelling knowledge, predicated on the ability to read, remember and learn. Isn’t that what makes a nation strong and safe over Braun?“I don’t think there’s any secret or anything innate in Indian kids winning spelling bees. I don’t think there’s a spelling gene,” said Nupur Lala, who started the South Asian streak in 1999, according to Reuters. She starred in the documentary “Spellbound.

”Perhaps the United States of America continues to be a world power because we continue to be the “Melting Pot” of world cultures. I would be fearful if we ever stopped depending upon others adding their strengths and knowledge to our collective to keep us strong. The Scripps Spelling Bee is a sign of the times: Therein lies the secret to America being a World Power.

JR Hafer, aviation writer, http://20thCenturyAviationMagazine.com

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