TF-51 Mustang buzzes Confederate memorial wall unveiling

The Early Camp Honour Guard in front of TFCMW. Photo: Jubal A. Early Camp

The Early Camp Honour Guard in front of TFCMW.
Photo: Jubal A. Early Camp

August 9, 2014 — This beautiful summer morning The Florida Confederate Memorial Wall, Inc., a Frostproof-based nonprofit organization, unveiled the 10 panels that comprise the display during a public ceremony. Almost on cue, a TF-51 Mustang from the stables of Stallion 51 overflew the display area at the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ “Flags Across Florida” site in Tampa. Glancing skyward at the swift, inadvertent and unscheduled “salute,” one could not but recall the Confederate Air Force (now Commemorative Air Force). The low pass was ironic and fitting because the pilot above was at the reigns of his mighty steed, a Mustang, which was the first aircraft type obtained by the Confederate Air Force in 1957, while local members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry were arriving on their motorcycles.

Some 125 individuals from as far away as Miami attended the festivities. The General Jubal A. Early Camp #556, Sons of Confederate Veterans, hosted the event and ladies of the Mary and Mollie Bell Chapter #20 of the Order of the Confederate Rose provided enthusiastic support.

Frostproof resident Robert E. Stemple, one of the project co-founders, explained that the structure is a tribute to all of Florida’s Confederate soldiers, sailors, marines, physicians and chaplains who served honorably during the War Between the States.” The names on the wall,” he emphasized, “are of those men who perished due to combat, illness, disease and accidents.” There are well in excess of 4,000 entries.

Crazy Horse at a recent SUN 'n FUN.

Crazy Horse at a recent SUN ‘n FUN.

Stallion 51 Corporation maintains and operates 2 TF-51 Mustangs. Their monikers are Crazy Horse and Crazy Horse 2.  Notably, the venerable aeroplanes are still providing useful service to America’s military in a teaching capacity. They do so through periodic Stallion 51 TF-51 visits to the U.S. Navy Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, Md.

At Patuxent River student test pilots from all branches of the military learn about and develop piloting skills relating to characteristics of high-powered powerplants driving large propellers. Through Mustang flights the aviators experience phenomena such as torque, P-factor, the corkscrew effect and gyroscopics. Thus, the experience of operating a TF-51 broadens the aviators’ knowledge relating to these idiosyncrasies.

The Florida Confederate Memorial Wall (TFCMW) was more than 3 years in the making. It will be transported around the state. Mr. Stemple reported that the next venue is tentatively to be at Rifles, Rails & History. This Civil War living history encampment takes place September 26-28, 2014. Information about The Florida Confederate Memorial Wall may be found at

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  1. As an officer in the General Jubal A. Early Camp #556, I would like to thank you very much for such a well written article. Ironically, the P-51 Mustang was always my favorite fighter plane.

    • haferaviation says:

      It is with much pleasure we give our support and recognize the hard work and dedication you have done to bring forth the remembrance of those who died for what they believed in. Though in retrospect many may disagree in their cause, what choice did they have, other than choose to become the enemy of those they love? Some had no choice, They still fought for their country not for the cause… They died for their country too!
      We admire your organization for caring to make sure the remembrance of these fallen soldiers is omnipresent.
      (Editor / Publisher JR Hafer)

  2. Arthur Porras says:

    Sons of Confederates MECHANIZED cavalry? Groan! This is what gives those who wish to remember these Confederate dead with dignity a bad rep.

    • haferaviation says:

      We make sure all reasonable comments are published. Your comment and opinion is just as welcomed here; however, please elaborate on your position regarding one organization presenting a bad reputation toward this cause. Perhaps you have a valid point, or not? Maybe a discussion about it is warranted here…
      (Thanks for your comment) Publisher…

  3. Love your web site and Thanks for your excellent article concerning Florida’s Confederate Soldiers Memorial Wall. Your comment, “Though is retrospect many may disagree with their cause, …”. Herein lies a problem, the knee jerk reaction of the of the uninformed and uneducated masses is that the supposed “Civil War” was over the institution of slavery and seceding Confederate States committed “Treason” when the truth is clearly otherwise. The seceding southern states properly filed “Letters of Secession” with the tyrannical, radical republican government. Lincoln’s answer was to call for 75,000 soldiers to invade the borders of the sovereign state of Virginia which resulted in causing Virginia to also secede and join the original (7) secession states of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and soon followed by North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky. Lincoln prevented the secession of the State of Maryland by having their state legislators locked up in jail, thus preventing the state legislators from voting on the issue of secession. As far as the institution of slavery as ‘the cause’ or reason for the War; that was not the case. The US Congress passed the original 13th Amendment (goggle – Corwin Amendment) to the US Constitution which would have guaranteed the institution of slavery forever to the southern slave states … if only the southern slave states would remain in the Union and not secede. The southern states were not interested in staying in the Union and seceded. Lincoln’s illegal and undeclared War against the Confederate States was a total disregard for the US Constitution and a power grab by the President (Executive Branch) of our government which continues dangerously unabated today.

    • haferaviation says:

      You are absolutely correct, today most folks are ignorant of the facts. Despite the “war between the states” being over “states rights”, some people just don’t know the real truth; they haven’t bothered to find out! Others use the event for a “Soapbox” for a racist value. But never mentioned, is the fact that Northerner’s had Slaves too.
      But as you said the conflict was not over slavery, but a disregard for the Constitution by the President and the U.S. Congress…
      (Thanks for your comment; publisher)

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