Are AOPA Members Supporting their President?

  site_construcaoAre AOPA Members Supporting their President?

Are AOPA members standing behind their organization enough?

I think not!

It should be a “No-Brainer” that the most powerful and largest organization for and of general aviation enthusiasts, pilots and supporters. An organization which has a strong fearless president like Mark Baker who has the “Right Stuff” rally the troops and go to bat for us with the political warriors on their own turf, doing battle with their weapons.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the “Pilots 3rd class Medical bill of rights 2″ He, (President of AOPA Mark Baker), is doing an extraordinary fine job. But are we as members doing ours? I think not! If we were, then it would be a done deal. We ALL, every member could, would and should rise up to stand behind supporting our AOPA President in the most important initiative for pilots in the history of modern general aviation!

The problem is we say to ourselves, my voice (actions) won’t matter I will just let all the others get it done. The problem is: Most of us are doing that and it is NOT getting done! We are flushing our organizational power down the Dung-hole because we defer to others to get it done for us!  Folks we are losing our freedom piece by piece because we are too lazy to get up off our collective BUTTS and do something. We pay our dues and expect others do the fighting and expect to have the right to stand up and complain and moan about it when things don’t go our way.

Time for you to Write that letter, Make that call, and stand behind our president so he can show the other side he has a crowd of angry, pitchfork holding, shouting, mad as hell, supporters and disgruntled folks who love to fly, behind their president. And we will be there until they do something! 

 ( 20th Century Aviation Magazine J.R. Hafer,  publisher )

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2 Responses to Are AOPA Members Supporting their President?

  1. Stephen Chase says:

    Wrote to Rep. Ross today about this!

    • haferaviation says:

      Thank you Stephen! Certainly it is so urgently needed that members of AOPA as well as all general aviation pilots and enthusiasts get behind all the efforts of Mark Baker & AOPA in regard to the third class medical reform. Contacting congressman Dennis Ross is great. Thank you for doing your part. Please encourage others to do the same thing. Additionally; Thanks for reading and commenting on our magazine. (JRH)

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