Stephen Ruby

Born December 19, 1950 Detroit, MI. Log book has 5793.25 hours PPL, Comm and Aerobatic.  EAA member number 406241…  Current resides in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Stephen Ruby has a deep passion for flight. He is a Graduate of Aero Engineering @ University of Arizona class of 1980. Vietnam Veteran 1960s (disabled combat connected). Was an Insert LRR and the MIN-ARR program: Operation ARC-BLK BOX and is an authority on the Heilo Aircraft…

Stephen Ruby

Stephen Ruby is an authority on the Helio Aircraft. One can ask him a question and he can usually rattle of the answer without hesitation and get it correct everytime. However, if he does hesitate and doesn’t have the answer in his vast mental file, he can go to his actual files and retrieve the real file and get the answer for you every time. His vast knowledge of aircraft is almost uncanny, reflectling is deep passion for aviation.

We are very proud to have Stephen Ruby as a contributing aviation writer on our worldwide aviation blog. Stephen is currently working on a book about the Helio Courier and the helio aircraft corportation and the history with includes some mind blowing unblievable chapters about clanndestine operations way back in the 1960s in southeast Asia.

Stephen is a member of our Speakers Bureau and will speak at your group function anywhere any time. Contact us for speaker’s rates and expense costs. 863-224-2242 

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