Helio Courier H-391

Helio Courier H-391

Helio Courier H-391

1952 pre-production Helio Courier H-391. Note that the airplane still retains the fabric covered fuselage behind the rear door. This particular airplane was evaluated by the U.S. Army for observation and field logistics.

English: Helio Courier Serial 001 in the JAARS...

English: Helio Courier Serial 001 in the JAARS Hangar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U-10B Helio Courier 1964

U-10B Helio Courier 1964 (Photo credit: Kemon01)

Photo is a Helio Courier H-391B operated by JAARS in the Northeast of the Philippines circa 1962 over 5000 feet up in the mountainous region of that Country. No other production airplane has this kind of performance.

Helio Courier H-391B

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  1. mrhelio says:

    This is the YL-24 evaluated by the U.S.Army. The military never procured these, they purchased the U-10 in 1961

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