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Kermit Weeks Speaks regarding the Future of Fantasy of Flight

Several of you questioned my recent comment about morphing Fantasy of Flight away from being an Airplane “Museum.” You heard me right and I felt I needed to address the issue. I’ve been working on our future concept for over a decade now and it’s time to draw a major line in the sand and let go of the past.

I’ve been in the Airplane “Museum” business for 28 years and by all accounts, it appears I’m a slow learner. What I HAVE learned, is that if the doors of life continue to keep closing in your face, maybe life’s trying to tell you to head down another hallway.

While maybe YOU and I love airplanes, it’s a sad fact for us that… MOST PEOPLE DON’T!

I’ve had the opportunity to speak twice years ago, six years apart, at the Smithsonian Mutual Aviation Concerns Conferences. With over 100 people in the room from aviation museums from all around the world, I asked one simple question – “If you took away the grants, the subsidies, and paid your volunteers, how many of you in the room would be making a net profit?”
NOT ONE PERSON raised their hands! BOTH TIMES!

I’ve come to realize there is much bigger and better way to touch EVERYBODY that comes through my doors. And it’s NOT with airplanes! Fantasy of Flight has NOTHING to do with airplanes… but airplanes have EVERYTHING to do with Fantasy of Flight.

Look at this sculpture and see and feel what it means to you. THAT’S what Fantasy of Flight is all about.

For some of you somewhat disappointed airplane lovers out there that still don’t know what I’m talking about… you’ll still get to see your airplanes at Fantasy of Flight, but that’s not going to be our product. If I can deliver what I know I can in the future, you’ll still get to see what you came for, but you’ll end up taking home a whole lot more than you expected.

Each and everyone of you out there has far more potential than you realize, and so does Fantasy of Flight. I’m done with the “Museum” concept and if you don’t like the way we’re headed please direct your support to all the other Aviation “Museums” that need your support! Trust me, they need it!

Life has set me up to create something that doesn’t exist with the potential to truly touch the world on a global basis. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will over time. So, just sit back and watch us morph and grow into what I know we can become!

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