naked News’ heavenly Peyton Priestly reports on Concorde’s successors

Peyton Priestly reporting for naked News.

10th December 2014 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Who can forget the elegant Aérospatiale-British Aircraft Corporation Concorde supersonic transport operated by British Airways and Air France from 1976 to 2003? Likewise, who can overlook naked News’ ace anchorwoman and writer Peyton Priestly? Both are sleek, elegant and sexy. The primary differences between the aforementioned are that one is a machine and the other a human, all extant examples of Concorde are retired and grounded and Ms. Priestly’s career as a model and reporter continues to reach new heights.

Peyton Priestly

Peyton Priestly

Long excursions are part of the news business, and, based upon Peyton’s travels and her hosting of a 9 December 2014 ‘Travels’ segment, in addition to the charming reporter’s previous coverage of the industry, Ms. Priestly has learned much about airliners and the future of commercial aviation. Possessing such expertise, Peyton recently reported on the current initiatives to produce a successor to the uneconomical and defunct Concorde.

A “supersonic jet race” is taking shape stated Priestly. Aerospace industry titan Lockheed Martin and Aerion Corporation, an aeronautical engineering enterprise, are competing to design rival prototypes.

Aerion has been partnering with NASA and other firms, including Airbus, the producer of the A380 and other commercial aircraft, to develop concepts that will lead to, according to the Reno, Nevada, company, “a family of efficient supersonic jets.” Aerion states that to date their partnerships have “developed, flown and proven supersonic natural laminar flow airfoils that reduce wing friction drag by as much as 50 percent, and overall airframe drag by as much as 20 percent.”

A result of Aerion’s ongoing research and development is the Mach 1.6 ‘AS2’ business jet, which is touted as being “capable of crossing the Atlantic or Pacific nearly twice as fast” as current subsonic jets. Thus, the proposed product would therefore transport people “from London to New York in about 3 hours,” reports Peyton. Aerion is already contracting with suppliers capable of producing turbojets and airframe structures. “Test flights are scheduled for 2019,” Priestly reported. The company boasts of a “target date for entry into service of 2021.”

peyton-reporting-3-with-copyright-reducedMeanwhile competitor Lockheed, said Ms. Priestly, is endeavouring to design a product capable of flying between “New York City to Los Angles in 2 hours.”

The veteran aeroplane manufacturer hopes to “achieve reductions in supersonic transportation airport noise” and develop “a totally new kind of propulsion system. . .”

Peyton Priestly.

This necessitates the development, according to Lockheed Martin, of “new techniques for low noise jet exhaust, integrated fan noise suppression, airframe noise suppression and computer customized airport noise abatement.” In fact, the belief is that Lockheed Martin engineers’ labours “will dramatically change commercial travel as we know it.”

20th Century Aviation Magazine made personal enquiries of Ms. Peyton. Interestingly, the intelligent, glamorous and dynamic woman, who hails from a small farming community in Southeastern Ontario, Canada, “hates to fly, but loves to travel.”

peyton-priestly-f9cdafbcReferencing the iconic Concorde, Peyton told 20th Century Aviation Magazine, “I have never flown in the Concorde, nor seen one in real life, but I believe it is a true marvel of engineering.”

Flight duration is one of Priestly’s personal concerns. “I really don’t enjoy sitting on a plane for too long so I try to avoid long flights. The longest I’ve flown was about 7 hours to London, England,” she confessed.

Would she take advantage of the advantages offered by travel beyond the speed of sound? “If I ever had the chance to take a supersonic flight, I would in a heartbeat,” replied Ms. Priestly.


20th Century Aviation Magazine thanks Peyton Priestly and Lucas Tyler of naked News for their cooperation and assistance during the preparation of this article.

2017 Update: Peyton Priestly, after more than a decade of reporting for naked News, moved on to the next phase of her life in late December 2016. 20th Century Aviation Magazine appreciates her kind cooperation during and after the composition of this story.

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