Nude skydiving with naked News anchorwoman Eila Adams

20th September 2014 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many think about skydiving but few actually take the leap and jump. Such is not the case with Eila Adams, the glamorous naked News anchorwoman, model and fitness expert.


Eila Adams

On this day the lovely and talented Eila would fulfill a personal dream: She would jump out of an airplane. Eila exclaimed, “This is my first time skydiving, but I have always wanted to do it!”

Of course, not everyone thinks such activities are prudent. As one aircraft inspector once remarked, “Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?”

Eila Adams hails from British Columbia, which is fitting since the first officially recorded parachute jump in Canada took place some 102 years ago at Hastings Park in Vancouver.

Extroverted and perky, Eila possesses a dazzling smile, and is vivacious, personable and adventurous. She is one of several professional and entertaining naked News anchorwomen.

As all aspiring parachutists, Eila underwent Ground School at the Parachute School of Toronto Limited. Among many other things, she learned about tandem jumping, procedures, proper landing positions and safety precautions.

Completing this phase Eila was strapped into the parachute harness and she then made her way to the waiting Cessna 208B Caravan jump plane. With assistance she enplaned and took her seat. She noted: “I felt excited!”

Some of the guys who worked at the Parachute School of Toronto were in the plane, and they were jumping as well, for fun.”

The jump plane’s turboprop engine fired up, and, after instrument checks by the pilot, taxied out to the adjacent grass airstrip. The aircraft raced down the airstrip and lifted into the blue Canadian sky.

Inside the cargo compartment, the divers conversed and joked. A good time was being had by all. “Everyone,” remarked Eila, “was laughing and having a good time. The energy was contagious.”

The aircraft climbed slowly, the transport shifting ever so slightly upon the currents of air. Inside the fuselage the skydivers were seated and eagerly waiting for their lift to each jumping altitude.


Whitney St. John

One was a cameraman who duly recorded the adventure for the 14th September ‘Weekend Magazine’ Naked Goes Pop segment. The piece was to be introduced by Eila’s gorgeous colleague Ms. Whitney St. John.

Finally, at the designated altitude, the pilot levelled the plane.

The hatch on the starboard side was manually raised, revealing a breathtaking panorama. Visibility was virtually unlimited, and spread out a few thousand metres beneath was a stunning landscape that included indescribably beautiful views of Lake Ontario, Lake Simco and the greater Ontario area.

Final equipment checks were made, and on cue jumpers began departing through the open door.

Eila’s turn came. She and her attached certified instructor leapt out into the atmosphere. The noise of the engine disappeared, replaced by a rushing of air, the flapping of the small drogue above and the loose fabric of her companions’ suits.

Eila confessed the following: “I actually felt a little panicked during the freefall.” She explained, “Apparently during a tandem jump the air whips into your face much more than during a solo jump.

This is, I was told, because two people are producing paths through the atmosphere.” Eila paused, “I was on the bottom and had difficulty breathing.”

She smiled and continued, “Luckily the freefall encompassed only a minute!”

Asked if she was worried about the remote possibility of the main parachute not opening, which is often a fear of virgin skydivers, Eila shook her head in the negative. “Not surprised because I never questioned that the parachute wouldn’t open.”

Eila related that, “As soon as the parachute opened I caught my breath, and then I was really able to enjoy the view. It was awesome!” She added, “You totally feel like you’re floating when gliding around with the parachute open.”

After a few serene minutes of slow descent Eila and her partner gently landed. It had been an exhilarating experience.

Asked if she would jump again, Eila retorted, “Sure, when?”

Katherine Curtis

Katherine Curtis

On 19th April 2015 Eila referenced this “April Fools Day prank” in the ‘Closing Remarks’ segment, which also featured colleagues Peyton Priestly and Katherine Harris (also known as ‘Kat’).

She informed viewers that Naked News had received “a ton of e-mails” from viewers who” wanted to see it again.”

Peyton, with an incredulous look on her face, stated, “I still can’t believe you did this! She added, “Naked, naked, Skydiving naked!”

Peyton incredulously and reservedly remarked that “If I knew I had a month to live I might skydive.”


Peyton Priestly

And so the story behind the popular naked News ends. Does Eila have any high flying adventures planned for the future? Stay tuned to naked News to find out.


20th Century Aviation Magazine thanks Eila Adams and naked News (Naked Broadcasting Network Inc.) for their gracious assistance and cooperation during the preparation of this article.

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